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  1. I like this Idea, I also think maybe they should bring back the tram cars. I remember them from back in the day.
  2. rescueshrek

    Day 11 - Bring Back a High Dive Show

    I remember seeing the Dive show when I was younger, and wished that I could have brought my kids to see it. Also they do need to use the other show arenas also, including the lakefront arena for the boat show/waterski show.
  3. I would think a waterfall that goes over the entire river, to make sure that everyone on the ride would get soaked, would be awesome
  4. That would be great, I know I personally wouldn't ride these rides, but part of the fun is watching the reactions of the people on the rides. And in the grand scheme of things, I would think this would be an inexpensive add on.
  5. rescueshrek

    Day 11- Create Discreet Smoking Areas

    My daughter and I always wondered how the blue painted lines were supposed to keep the smoke away from everyone else on the walking paths.