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  1. Hersheykid911

    First things first

    El Toro! back seat!
  2. Hersheykid911

    Can water bottles be brought into the park?

    They don't care if it is a bottle of water but that's it. I brought a water bottle into the park everytime I went last year (opened and not opened) and they didn't say nothing about it.
  3. Hersheykid911

    Spotlight Requests

    Awesome, Sounds great!!
  4. Hersheykid911

    Spotlight Requests

    I would like to see a Great Lake Grandstand spotlight and have spotlights for all the shows that ran in the Great Lake like Lethal Weapon(best one in my opinion). They really need to come out with a new show for the lake or the Batman Stunt Arena.
  5. Hersheykid911

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Ok thank you. I wish they brought back when you could get in an hour early and ride select coasters.
  6. Hersheykid911

    Misc GA Mumblings

    How long do you have in the park with the vip early acccess before the park opens to the public?
  7. Hersheykid911

    Coasters After Dark - April 25, 2014

    Keep us posted
  8. Hersheykid911

    Welcome to Retro Trip Reports

    I would like to see the summer of 1997,98,99 and 2000.