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  1. Quick question: last time I was at a full FF had to be around 1998 or 1999. We were there the last day last year, but as I have little ones we left around 5.

    When did it start having the extra cost to do things during FF? I remember the hayride behind Skull Mountain being included in admission way back when.

    i think corporate made all parks start charging for fright fest haunted houses

  2. SFMM does get coasters, because they are in a very unique market. The Southern California market is very different than any other. They have to compete with Disneyland, Universal and Knott's for local dollars, and those are excellent all theme parks with lots of great FAMILY attractions. Magic Mountain differentiates itself by being the THRILL park destination out there. And, just like with GA, the big complaint about MM is that there are no flat rides and nothing for the intermediate riders who are too big for the kiddie rides and too young/small for the coasters. They're not "spoiled" they just cater to their market. Much like GA gets coasters and other major attractions to counter the competition (Hershey and Dorney).


    but when sfmm gets a coaster every year, it limits other six flags parks because corporate seem to only care about that park, because corporate thinks adding more mediocre coasters to that park will make it better than cedar point when in reality it will never be as good as cp

  3. Honestly the first thing I thought of when seeing the second clue is SUF at SFDK. It involves Superman (first pic) and has a rather tall barrel roll and a non-inverting loop (fitting the "loopy for" pic). However if we were getting that there probably would have been signs of construction by now.


    it is six flags meaning construction doesnt really start until november- march. Didnt skyscreamer get put up a week before opening day??

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