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  1. a zero G aqua trax rollercoaster?! themed after a water dragon? (this is probably the worst prediction ever)
  2. bizarro had a full queue today with the line passed the actual first set of switchbacks
  3. ^ id rather see a interactive dark ride like wonder mountain's guardian there
  4. i feel like ga has the smallest amount of rumors for 2015. either ga is great at holding secrets or we are not getting anything worth starting rumors about
  5. but in six flags' eyes its just another way to do the coaster relocation program
  6. they now have more coasters than us '_____'
  7. does anyone think maybe the grove area could go at camp aventura? and that space could be used for expansion?
  8. Cedar Fair has a much better approach on adding rollercoasters to their parks. They add 1 or 2 coasters each year to parks who need it most. for example: 2014- Banshee (KI) 2013- GateKeeper (CP), Gold Striker (CGA) 2012- Leviathan (CW) and so on. AND the best thing is they actually take time in their coasters meaning they spend alot of money on a park to make the coaster and its surroundings the best it can be and they DONT relocate their coasters 24/7. Unlike six flags where all they do is demolish their classic wooden coasters and make them a better "wooden" coaster (Goliath isnt a wooden coaster, sorry). also, a park doesnt get a coaster three years in row. I would much rather have ga part of cedar fair rather than six flags
  9. but then it will lead to the removal of bizarro which would honestly be a better floorless than green lantern
  10. i would love for them to just get rid of green lantern. even though it was only at ga for only 4 years
  11. Rumors have been going around that cedar point is going to transform their mantis rollercoaster into a floorless coaster. Now you know if that works out six flags is surely going to copy and try to do it to every stand up they have. And in our case, the rumors about bizarro leaving, this could come true for us. Personally i think it is an awful idea (for out park) because we have an amazing floorless coaster already and bizarro will just become a relocated ride. What does anyone else think about this idea?
  12. does anyone else think the media blows these types of events out or proportion?? Im not saying this in particular was blown out of proportion but in any accident the media is right there and adds insignificant facts about the ride making the rollercoasters look deadly. For example, was it necessary for a helicopter to be hovering above the rip rocket ride at universal while it got stuck?
  13. the closer august 28th gets the more obvious its getting that great adventure isnt getting anything too big for 2015
  14. i actually really like this idea! they have 4 mid-sized coasters. (is that a record?) we do not need anymore. but i would like to see something like fire chaser express
  15. what was the theme to the old country section? medieval? if so it wouldnt be hard at all for theming to rides.
  16. that ride is going to become the modern version of the boomerang coaster with how many of these rides are being built.
  17. maybe reconfigure the queue to fit more rides? or maybe add another walkway connecting with plaza del carnaval or golden kingdom, and put a couple flats there? or where the big patch of grass where the wagon is? can a flat fit there? but the smartest thing i would think is to put another good coaster back there. it could start behind runaway mine train, go behind el toro, and use the former rolling thunders land. kinda like the layout to leviathan or gatekeeper?
  18. and your point is? bizarro has no problems at all. the coasters you named all had problems and name one problem bizarro had. i find it weird that everyone loves bizzarro and after one rumor everyone hops on the band wagon of "lets get rid of bizarro
  19. Exactly so why should a park that has no limited space keep removing their good coasters?
  20. my two wishes for 2015 is either a dark ride from sallycorp like andrew m said OR a thrilling rollercoaster. NOT one of those stupid tsunami soakers.
  21. that is what i am saying. instead of getting rid a perfectly good coaster, build around it to make that back of the park more popular because 1. it is a dead end and 2. there is only one ride back there
  22. but i dont understand why everyone suddenly hates bizarro when not to long ago we did a poll on the best looping coaster in the park and who won that? BIZARRO.
  23. all this talk about bizarro leaving does not make sense because why would the park get rid of one of their best coasters? I cant see the ride leaving and if it does the management team is pretty stupid. The ride is also built by B&M which means low maintenance costs.
  24. I rode Zumanjaro today twice and it was great! My first time the wait was about 30 minutes and the ride broke down twice!! i think the part of the ride that brings the car up to the top kept getting stuck or something. and a little warning for those there by themselves. DO NOT go in the single rider lane.
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