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  1. why would they get rid of a rollercoaster to put a new rollercoaster when they have all that space now? And why why would great adventure get rid of bizarro when its one of their top rides at the park.
  2. What are the poles laying on the ground next to the walk to zumanjaro where rolling thunder once stood?
  3. When will the official media day be when the park officials have a ceremony with speeches and everything?
  4. Wait, the roof moves everytime it's Kingda Ka's turn to launch? Zumanjaro is now (1) a waste of time, and (2) pointless to ride because part of the excitement is having the rollercoaster going while your on it. Once again the State of New Jersey messes up the park's plans because( sorry for the following) they have no balls and seem to want to lose money. Thanks to NJ for sucking even more. They delayed the opening of the ride and isn't letting the rides run how they are supposed to.
  5. i like the detail in six flags' maps but im talking about how half of the map is just words. when they can arrange that around the map and not have the map be a awkward square shape. The shape of the enture map is bad for our park especially since how long the park is
  6. it seems that every year green lantern get smaller and smaller off the map. I wish they did the layout of the map like cedar fair. like how cedar fair puts each section around the park making the actual park map bigger and in the center, taking up most of the map an not half
  7. Bizarro - Hydra or medusa Dark green on track, light blue on supports Green Lantern - Mindbender same colors Superman Ultimate Flight - Flight Hawk red track black supports The Dark Knight - Ghost Rider Batman The Ride - talon or falcon (a bird theme) not sure on colors
  8. i looks like on themeparkreview port adventura is getting i mini kingda ka and a mini zumanjaro for 2016. why do i say mini? because they have announced it only be the tallest and fastest in EUROPE. (if you dont know we dont live in europe.) so i dont think anyone has to worry of zumanjaro having its record broken. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1424146#p1424146
  9. does anyone know if great adventure will mention its their 40th year or anniversary? hopefully on the front cover of the map?
  10. i wonder what the map will look like?! (hint)
  11. i also dont like the electronic coupon book either. now i will have to print everything out and bring it with me because i wont know what i will need. six flags is going to far with the technology. i like the old way
  12. i think they said you can still use the old syle season passes and if you want you can switch to the new style. i dont even know if this will be at our park yet this season because it says some parks will not have it for the 2014 season
  13. This article by the coaster guy was talking about the new way six flags is transforming their season pass entry ways with a new style season pass card followed by a finger print. http://www.thecoasterguy.com/index.php/2014/03/01/six-flags-rolling-biometric-finger-scanners/
  14. I was bored so earlier i searched great adventure on google earth and now its up to date to 2013 with sora built and you can look at all the fright fest mazes alos! just thought this would be good info for those who are bored! You can also see zumanjaro parts next to ka in the map.
  15. they wouldnt take down half of the good coasters for this. this plan is 'whack'
  16. why do they need to put those extra support collumns on ka? it looks great tho!
  17. cant believe el toro lost to boulder dash.... again, fanboys take control and vote the wrong coasters.
  18. if ur going alot during halloween the season scare pass is 100% worth it.
  19. People are so ungrateful of what we have now and what we are getting. Feel bad for the parks that are getting worse things.
  20. yes all they have to do is have the walkway go through at tunnel, etc.
  21. sewing because of a disability iswrong to, parks need rules and people need to follow them.
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