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  1. http://www.thedailyjournal.com/article/20130907/NEWS01/309060034/One-armed-man-sues-over-roller-coaster-ban?nclick_check=1 this is the link to the article about a man with one arm sewing six flags great adventure because "Chris Latorre of Clayton contends he felt “shame and embarrassment” after being ordered to leave his seat on the Nitro ride during an October 2012 visit to the Jackson attraction." well okay you are sewing the park because they didnt want you to die on the ride because you didnt have the right safety requirments. He is also sewing because they didnt give him his ticket refund. and i thought all adults were mature.
  2. i wonder what will take its place in the future.
  3. im not sure why the are counting the wasteland as new for this year.
  4. http://frightfest.sixflags.com/greatadventure/ and its on their website.
  5. the log flume is probably the last ride to ever leave the park. buti think Kristin cares about the parks history. Maybe they had to get rid of rolling thunder because it was unsafe. anyone else remember the rotting wood incident? maybe that was unfixable.
  6. But park President John Fitzgerald said Six Flags spent two years investing in family-friendly attractions, like the 24-story swing ride called Sky Screamer in 2012, or the latest attraction, Safari Off Road Adventure. “I do sympathize with them,” said Fitzgerald. “We do need to have more things for people to ride together and that’s what we plan on putting into the Rolling Thunder area.” After hearing Fitzgerald say this, it makes me feel better about Rolling Thunder leaving. He is sad about it meaning he didnt want to do it and he is already saying in the years to come, better rides for thrills and families will take Rolling Thunder. I hope this makes everyone happier!
  7. you sure it was the most exhilarating ride? or areyou just sayingthat cuz its leaving?
  8. have fun on your last ride! make it count! i will miss rolling thunder next year. how long is the wait?
  9. fright fest starts this week and no website still. well thats six flags for ya.
  10. co-workers for six flags are extremely rude, compared to cedar fairs and disney. I was so disappointed when i was reading this forum. Every guest at that park- especially the loyal, hard-core fans that would give their life for the park- deserves respect. I dont understand why John or Kristin didnt want to explain the reasons of getting rid of rolling thunder. I hope future developments make up for this senseless decision.
  11. can you message me why? future ride? undafe? i will feel better if i know the true reason.
  12. and i'll have you know six flags is making great adventure better. but people cant getover the fact that rolling thunder is going.
  13. i am saying getting sad about a rollercoaster is fine and always do it when they leave.
  14. and to me, getting sentimental over a roller coaster is normal.
  15. i cant belive how much of a bitch Margret was. (excuse my language, nothing else to call her) and i think it wasnt the entire management team that felt this way. I think Kristin is very nice and is a trueGreat Adventure person. John on the other hand, not so sure. But i think the Six Flags company is not making Great Adventure worse. In fact its making it better! i love the our parkis art of the six flags chain! anyways Margret is rude and should get fired.
  16. theres more to it leaving it was old and not all that safe
  17. i think the park itself decides when they want to start. Either because dorney start the 13th (we need to compete with them) or they just decided to make it longer. 7 weeks!
  18. i didnt know they ever ran the car backwards. I was hoping they would do that this year to rolling thunder because these rumors were going around a long timeago. i was hoping it would go out of the park with good memories not its norma self. that make sense?
  19. sorry but rolling thunder kinda has to go, it is old and umpopular. I bet if this petition gets passed, everyone will ride it alot the rest of the season but when 2014 comes around, noone will care about it.
  20. yes people are a little annoying at the park (annoying imature, but sometimes funny kids) but that shouldnt stop them from going
  21. i dont think they can based on how the cars are designed. but im sure they will fing a way.
  22. six flags does overdue the ads though. but the ads on el toro are clever how they made the trains look like cars.
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