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  1. YES finally someone says that. i just didnt know how to put it in my own words!
  2. and if this wasnt a six flags park, we wouldnt have el toro, nitro , or any of our coasters today.
  3. it is not six flags' fault for this. it isnt even that big of a deal of what you sound like it is.
  4. to be honest i think six flags is doing the right desicion here.
  5. the avertisments on the coaster trains are so over done andruin some of the rides' themeing or experiences.
  6. sad to say but rollingthunder is leaving and we cannot stop it.
  7. i didnt start the topic of sfga not having good atmosphere, etc.
  8. but this petition may not work because they might have things already planned for the future and maybe they already payed for the new attractions? they certainly wontstop it then!
  9. i will sign it only if they still install zumanjaro because they can make a pathway on the other side of kingd ka
  10. the park doesnt need everysingle type of coaster though
  11. sorry to be negative nancy but there is no way u r saving rolling thunder. they probably have people readyto take it downand maybe future plans there.
  12. yea i am pretty sure when people go to amusement parks they arent excited about a new show when there is a new coaster right next to them.
  14. i kinda bugs me how big of a deal people are making this themeing thing. Be glad Zumanjaro isnt named after a superhero.
  15. well i am a teen and i disagree. When i think of amusment rides i think of thrills. But then again i am a teen not a parent so right there i see your point
  16. the golden kingdom is basically an african themed section.
  17. well i dont know about you guys but i dont go to amusement parks and make sure eery park section has spot on themeing. there is a reason why i dont o to disney! maybe be grateful that we have a coaster like kingda ka be gateful of the great lineup of coasters and rides we have.
  18. the website was updated it says it is be deconstructed.
  19. I think a good or great! Coaster will take rolling thunders place in 2015
  20. i think people are blowing this out of proportions. Be greatful with what we have and what we are getting! I mean so what ife dont have a classic. We dont have to have everything and it is not the end of the world if rolling thunder goes. I mean yea i am sad but think of what is to come !!!!
  21. yes rolling tunder was old and they didnt want to get rid of it. RIP rolling thunder we will all miss you but i cant wait for Zumanjaro and whats to come in that area in 2015!
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