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  1. I like this idea of a GCI and not to extreme i mean those coasters can have the tiniest space and fit a lot of twists and turns! And yes I would like to see the return of splash water falls!
  2. Because it would mean a family coaster instead of a good thrilling one
  3. Ikik maybe a family coaster in the chiller area and a kickass coaster where rolling thunderis
  4. well maybe- as much as i hate saying this- there will be another good ride for that kind of age in 2015
  5. i dont understand how people arent liking Zumanjaro! And who cares about rolling thunder anymore! i mean its sad but think of what amazing coasters can fit there now!
  6. Zumanjaro will probably open up during Memorial day or after. probably after
  7. No I mean when 2013 season ends, and Zumanjaro construction begins, Kingda Ka won't be open because of the new ride in the beginning of the 2014 season. Because it probably won't be open until may or june
  8. Yes and I think you will see the back side of the cars going down and the support structure.
  9. This is random but I wonder how they are going to pull off the 2014 park map .
  10. I love the new drop ride name! It's so creative.
  11. probably a cedar point change they wouldnt get rid pf gl or suf
  12. but if it is a recorded message what would it be themed to? monkey noices?
  13. i hope you stay up there for about 10 seconds i bet while you are up there you will feel the supports swaying
  14. Yea when i am on Zumanjaro i wont be looking for philly because i probably will have my eyes closed
  15. and when he said "expect a change in the front of the park" i hope that doesnt mean Superman is leaving.
  16. if they get rid of any coaster next year and i dont care how small, i will be very mad at the management team.
  17. I would love to see a new GCI in the rolling thunder area though
  18. thats why i am worried we will get a tiny, overrated x flight.
  19. 2015- new coaster takingup rolling thunders area (GCI 4d wing rider. 2016- the chiller are will be home to a revamped MovieTown with all new flat ride thrilling and families.
  20. im not quite sure of what you mean in that last part but i think i disagree. by re-branding do you mean no more six flags? no! six flags is building the park up!
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