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  1. actually it was postponed to modify the station and install the rotating one. so you can run 2 boats instead of one
  2. https://twitter.com/SixFlagsDC/status/1315009088271638528
  3. but do you really think that great adventure is the salvation of the chain?
  4. Explain to me why you think great adventure is so important and why other parks should be sacrificed (especially st louis and america which have made significant progress in recent years, we don't go into the merits of frontier city and over georgia why?) I remind you that great adventure until 2008 was a park that closed every year passively, thanks to shapiro if you now have a healthy park before writing; please think!
  5. https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/newfor2020
  6. more official site, where times have changed! you are a little paranoid
  7. sooner or later bizarro will go to six flags america
  8. I checked the link every day, only today gave the news on "wonder woman". it's true for me
  9. spoiler: https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/attractions/newfor2019-prep
  10. they can do it too, as long as they do not spend tens of millions on coaster and attractions. You know, doing things calmly and calmly. cmq sooner or later six flags will buy the busch gardens
  11. I really hope. I love this site, indeed I love it XD I'm sure you will do everything to be more active in the future. p.s: but the homepage decorated with halloween?
  12. disappointed that updates stopped. few travel reports, does not go along with the history of the park. really pity
  13. no graphics of the Halloween theme site?
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