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  1. I would do a complete revamp of Movietown, add one or two new flat rides and new shops.
  2. My first memory was in 1996, my mom took me to the park for the first time, she snuck me out because my dad wanted to take me. I remember riding Runaway Mine Train and going on the Big Wheel, that's about it.
  3. Part two: Great Adventure! You Happy Dainan? Morning Ka! Gasm Gasm's brakes basically stopped the train Kingda Ka looks curved We made a trip to Great America as well Happy Dainan El Toro, Kingda Ka, and Rolling Thunder Nitro's lift And last but not least Bluedusa possible Hopefully Mr.Six will replace this
  4. I was going to do a real report until Safari crashed on me, and I'm too angry and lazy to write it again so I'll just post the pictures. Dorney Park 11/1/08 Car trouble Dainan? lol what? Little Laser! Laser y Voodoo Laser: Peace Jackie Peace Dainan Voodoo Who's that? The Coaster? Magnum err, Steel Force Walter and Laser Hercules Yes, RIP Dominator Talon Hydra
  5. Sup all, just came back from CP this weekend and I made a video (still making more) and I thought I'd share with you. I'll start posting more too Rate, and watch in high-quality
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