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  1. pizzaman10000

    Dare Devil Dive

    Great spotlight, as always. How do you know the exact dates of some of the construction work?
  2. pizzaman10000

    If Bizzaro was replaced

    If Bizzaro was replaced with a wingrider and sent to a Six Flags parks that need a new coaster badly would you think it was a good or bad decision?
  3. pizzaman10000

    Day 5- Signage for all the Rides

    Rides are somewhat incomplete without signs, we need signs for a lot of rides; especially Skyscreamer.
  4. pizzaman10000

    How often did you visit the Wild Safari Park?

    I've only been to the safari once this season though I think I should have gone more. It's a good drive with all kinds of animals. I'm still not sure on how I feel about it no longer being a drive through safari.
  5. pizzaman10000

    Day 1- Repair and Upgrade the Parking Lot

    The parking lot is definitely a thing that Six Flags should fix, when walking through the preferred lot to exit there isn't much space to walk with all the people exiting. It would be better and safer if a designated walkway was added.
  6. pizzaman10000

    Gr.Adv. Debate #5: Flash Pass - Love it or Hate it?

    I do not like or dislike the Flash Pass, it's sometimes worth it if it's a crowded day at the park. It's also a good idea for one time visitors who are trying to get on all the rides. I've only gotten it once and it was the regular version. The system doesn't make a huge difference in lines because you have to reserve a ride.
  7. pizzaman10000

    Day 4- Themed area music

    It would really add to the park if they added theme music to the whole park. Some sections such as the golden kingdom have themed music which really adds on to an area. Unfortunately, much of the park has horrible and annoying music you would hear on the radio or a teenagers iPod that takes away from the area. I really do hope in the future Six Flags will have the entire park playing music that adds to the area. But sadly they probably won't.
  8. pizzaman10000

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone, my name is Ethan. I have season passes to Great Adventure and go there about once a month.
  9. If there was ever a second war on line what rides would you want the park to add? I think a claw ride, something like MaXair, an observation tower and a drop tower would be a good start.
  10. Kingda Ka was overall a good investment. It gained worldwide attention and opened as the tallest and fastest coaster in the world. It was extremely popular when it opened and still is seven years later. And it is one of the best rides in the park in my opinion.
  11. The first coaster I went on in Great Adventure was Kingda Ka.
  12. pizzaman10000

    Coasters/Designers You'd Like to See in the Future.

    1.4th dimension coaster like X2 2. B&M Wingrider 3. Intamin or B&M Giga coaster 4. B&M dive coaster 5. Intamin Launched coaster (similar to Maverick or Full Throttle) 6. Intamin Hyper Coaster 7.Intamin 10-12 inversion coaster 8. GCI woodie (preferably racing like Lightning Racer)
  13. pizzaman10000

    Wait Time Signs

    Does anyone know how accurate the wait time signs are for the different major coasters? I know they are somewhat exaggerated so more people will get the flash pass but by how much?
  14. pizzaman10000

    A Giga Drop Coming to GA?

    I heavily doubt this could ever happen. It would be a very long walk up there and also it would be in the "danger zone". It would also be right next to some important maintenance areas. I think it's possible it would go somewhere else in the park, preferably Movietown.
  15. pizzaman10000

    The Dark Knight Coaster

    Most people probably expected it to be much more than just a wild mouse coaster and that's why they were so disappointed in it. Six Flags said it was a high thrill ride which it isn't. It makes no sense to have a high thrill rating on what's supposed to be a family attraction.