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  1. GAdv Opening Weekend Photos

    Matt, great pics!
  2. I second this. As you open up more areas of the park, more drink and food places would have to be opened up as well, which would help immensely. The one day we went for HITP, we had to wait a half hour for drink refill and missed our snack completely (we were in a long line when the employee came out and said anyone wanting to use SP dining was out of luck as the time was now up) it was so busy. Kids were mad, i was annoyed as the lines everywhere were redic long. I felt like we were waiting on line for food/drink more than anything else.
  3. 2017 Season Dining Menu

    Dude they godd@mn ruined Macho Nacho!!!! No soft tacos, no quesadillas, all pork gone... wtf!?! I was so disappointed when we went to Macho today. They ruined literally the best place in the park to eat. I laughed there was 1 person eating there- that was it. And we went past it numerous times (el toro) it was a ghost town. And why did the whole park get rid of pork? the people at Macho told me the whole park got rid of it. I didnt goto Garden state to see if pork roll was still there or not... ** edited to say we boycotted the lame excuse for Macho and went elsewhere**
  4. Rage of the Gargoyles at Skull Mountain Sept 24 to Oct 31

    We went last saturday (not great weather-hence no lines) waited in line for Gargoyles for prob, 10 mins? Not long at all. It was fun to try it. I would never wait in a long line for it, but it was cool to do it once. There werent lines for anything. Rerides on some stuff because there wasnt anyone waiting
  5. I saw nothing but pains in the a$$e$ complaining about the Slash show, of course it got changed/ basically ruined. Good shows at GA are few and far between sadly. I wish there were more *good* shows.
  6. Stuck on Rides!

    Ive been stuck on the lift hill of rolling thunder. Had to walk down the hill after they manually came and opened the buzz bars to let us walk down the hill. Was a little nerve wracking! Also got stuck on the skid brakes once coming back into the station. Had to walk along the planks -which were very bowed and bouncy i remember- to get back to the station. That was all in the 90s recently got stuck on superman coming back into the station in the flying position for about 20 mins. That was less than comfortable.
  7. Riding of the Bull Ocho

    Matt those are AMAZING pix!!!!! That pic of Medusa that you caught the flames firing on (so hard to catch that) great!!!!!
  8. We went 5x. Same amount as last year. We have a pool, so it wasnt a priority to go get wet, we just go for slides. It always boggles my mind, the inability of the cashiers at HH to count change properly. Never, and i can honestly say never, have they given me proper change back om the first try. Always too little or too much. Its bad because the goddamn register tells them how much to give and they still dont get it right!! It makes me sad really. But we still enjoy going. Just count your change lol
  9. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Enough with the all the "coaster removal" nonsense. Theres no reason for them to rip any of them out, theres MORE than enough empty real estate in that park (closed areas, wasted space,etc) to put in new flats, coasters, what- have -you. I dont personally care for GL but dont feel it -or any other coasters should be removed. We've lost enough of them.
  10. Photo Trip Report: March 23rd, 2016 - Opening Day!

    I went wednesday too. Gorgeous weather, very low crowds, everything was pretty much a walk on! Perfect day at the park. I love days like this in the early part of the season.....
  11. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I didnt watch the episode yet. My 11 yr old told me about it but i forgot to watch. Makes me giggle because i was her age when Full House was on, now she is my age with the redux. Feelin ooooooold right about now!! Lol
  12. SFHH NJ Announces New Caribbean Cove Water Play Area for 2016

    I love listening to a fellow BBB geek out but it totally agree they need another bathroom in HH. And they need to keep on top of cleaning them too. They were SO BAD the last time we went. Awful.
  13. "Expanding" Kingda Ka

    ^hahaha awesome video!
  14. Only went 3x this year. Not a fan of it either. Very poorly ran and it's always mobbed.
  15. Six Flags Season Pass Coupons/Bring-A-Friends

    Yeah no bring a friend for 9.99 either... My kids also use the coupon to bring their friends.