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  1. You can’t just Lego a roller coated together from scrap parts!? And dont waste your time rallying with posters for parts of Chiller to be brought back from Brazil....its been scrapped and melted down a long while ago.
  2. Once again youre posting nonsense about GA in a NON Great Adventure thread. So i can not understand why, after repeatedly not following the rules, as well as everyone telling you to stop, youre still posting this stuff. Perhaps the mods need step in with warnings, etc ?
  3. Reread the name of this thread.... NOT GREAT ADVENTURE. STOP TALKING ABOUT A RAPTOR at GA. You are making this whole forum rather unpleasant to visit anymore. Every single post , on every single thread , across the entire site, you say the exact same thing. STOP.
  4. People still smoke? Lol ... but seriously, i honestly only have 1 single, solitary smoker friend or even aquaintence left. Everyone else i know that used to smoke, has quit. I know the yougins’ all Vape now a days... not much better tho. Bring on that popcorn lung. *edited for spelling
  5. Ill hold him down while you throw things!
  6. Literally, every thing you say is TRex or Raptor. I hope we never get them just because i am so SICK of hearing you talk about it, on every stinkin thread. Rant over.
  7. Yes. I hate those deadlines to process. One cannot help weather, etc. On more an 1 occasion, I’ve have gone to the park in the pouring rain just to beat that deadline. It would be so much easier to just do it online. Even if it was for renewals that are already in the system...
  8. I love this one- get rid of the old paintball building. It would make the area look so much better and improve the flow of foot traffic. I dont think it would effect the games section much either. If people are planning to play games, they are going to do it regardless. Just because i have to detour through boardwalk, doesn't ever entice me to want to dump my money into games. I always cut throught the arcade as its much quicker & shorter.
  9. I was there lastnight (temps hovering around high 30’s) and while the park was pretty empty overall, definitly longer wait times for JL & Skyway than i would have imagined. Walk-ons for Nitro, TDK , BTR and basically everything else that was running. Loooong lines in Granny’s for food though, prob cause it was nice & warm inside. We totally forgot about the defunct Panda-now-generic holiday eatery, which would have been warm too, next visit we’ll try it if its not too packed.
  10. I totally agree with this one. I will keep my SP til they take them away completely -which i kinda feel is where it will eventually go anyways with all these new levels of membership and whatnot. I have no real plans to switch to a membership for the reasons mentioned above. As well as the fact that annually, it costs so much more for that top tier. Just not worth it for me since i still buy my teenager& preteen their passes too (that they have had since they were 2 yrs old too). SP’S for life !!!!!
  11. Wow i did that back in the day myself! I remember freezing my bits off at like 4 am in line for walmart &target . Ugh. Havent done that in a LONG time though, thank god. Cyber Monday is my jam and i dont even leave the house on black friday anymore.
  12. I love the idea of free bins at the stations. I second that! Im gonna have to think about something i personally would improve......hhmmmm
  13. Love the ornament this year! Cant wait to add it to my collection
  14. The closest i came to puking on a ride was gd El Diablo. Yeah. Wtf right?! I dont do well with spinning things, and apprarently looping things, either. I could feel the vomit rising up with every passing loop. All i could think was “omg im gonna barf on all these poor people, dear lord please make it stop”. Ive never concentrated so hard at keeping puke at bay, and telling myself mind over matter. The ride did finally stop and i was all jacked up the rest of the day. It ruined me. Batman will also mess me up with dizziness and blurred vision at the end.... but no where near what stupid looping dragon did to me.
  15. Amen. Flying isnt fun anymore in part to the BS airline extra costs, and then you get the seatmate from hell & baggage issues on top?! No thanks. Warm the car up....
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