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  1. That's what Great Adventure should have got. that would have fit in Chiller's old Spot. It couldn't be called Batman the ride though LOL. Maybe 2016 We will get our 4D wing coaster or RMC.
  2. Six Flags in Atlanta has " Defying Gravity " in their theatre. That would go nice in the Showcase Theatre. BTW The theatre is not just sitting there abandoned. It is used for Auditioning and Practice.
  3. Thats the week I visit NJ and GA just cause of that open till 8 and no crowds.
  4. I thought in the later years this planter or one similar to this was changed to SF as Six Flags now emphasizes their name more than Great Adventure.
  5. A Dorney Pass doesn't get you into other Cedar Fair Parks? RIP-OFF!
  6. What is General Admission? Looks like the Gold Pass is about the cost of general admission. If you buy and print a 4 pack at home it is CHEAPER than admission cause of the Free Parking.
  7. Could this be the beginning of the re-opening of the Old Country area? or whatever area it will be called?
  8. I know the park Almost closed for good one year it did so bad. Maybe 1986 was it.
  9. Speaking of " DejaVu " How about a Giant Boomerang in Chiller's old Spot?
  10. SFOG Had a SUPER deal last year for a 2013 SP. I get a season pass every year. I got an email saying if I bought my SP during Frightfest And bought 4 or more passes (which I do every year too) The Price Drops to $49.99 and if I renew my 2012 pass to a 2013 The price drops to $44.99 each the kicker was there was another promo Buy 4 passes get FREE GOLD on EVERY Pass! So I got 4 GOLD passes for $44.99 each. Which is LESS than the price of General Admission with FREE Parking at ALL SF Parks. How do they make money on this?
  11. that's one. but it was a commercial like this one I JUST FOUND on youtube. this one is for New Orleans in 2003. but they used the same music and video for great adventure in 1999 and Riverside Park becoming SF New England.
  12. I'm looking for the 1999 "War on Lines" Commercials. It has the same music that was used in the Riverside Park Becomes Six Flags New England Commercial (Looking for that one too)
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