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  1. Man, this was such an awesome time to be a fan of the park. I miss it, I remember making weekly trips to check the construction and getting the opportunity to go to the commercial shoot for this.
  2. Have you ever gotten a Gold Flash Pass at Six Flags? It's for better than Disney's Fast Pass.
  3. Dainan, I'm right there with you on not going to Great Adventure for the first time in my life this year. But, I'll finally be back to the United States next year living next to SFA. I plan on going to GADV, Holiday World, SFStl, Dorney, Knoebels, Kennywood, Cedar Point, SFNE, Kings Dominion, BGW, Morey's, and possibly a Canada Trip.
  4. It's funny, because when I wore a hoodie to the park I would force my hood open the entire launch. But, I've had no luck.
  5. Day one could work out, but I highly doubt you will be able to do all 4 parks on the second day. There just too far apart from each other.
  6. I've ridden Chang at SFKK, Riddler at SFMM, and the stand up at Kings Dominions.
  7. At least the parks are open till 8! Most of the parks in Europe close at 6 every day!
  8. Rudolph by far! Home Alone or Home Alone 2?
  9. The Zero-G is the best part of the ride so far!
  10. They just brought Busch Gardens and Sea world, I think they have a lot of money...
  11. I got one yesterday and I feel worse than I did this past weekend.
  12. That ride looked fun, I didn't personally ride it because they did charge a lot for the rides and before I knew it I spent almost 60 Euro on rides, which is a lot!
  13. Amazing beer, amazing rides, amazing women, amazing time....Germany is awesome! Here's the pictures! Just a little busy... Awesome time! I have more pictures, but felt this might be a little too many.[/img]
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