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  1. First time I rode TTD was in 2004, we went during the summertime for about a week to Cedar Point, and I remember at this time TTD was having many issues, rollbacks, constantly closed for a good chunk of the time we were there, but we stayed in one of the hotels right on the island, so we woke (8am) to catch the early opening for season pass holders and folks staying within the cedar point property (one hour before general park opening) we ran and finally got on it! I loved it first time I experienced anything like it. I love them both, honestly 420 vs 456 isn't that much of a difference its still high as heck, and the 120/128... Both still get you to that speed in 3 in a half seconds. I like the theming and lap bar restraints on TTD better then KDK
  2. Matt


    Ah chaos, if you and another person moved your body weight just right you were able to flip the cars forward and backwards! This ride was awesome!
  3. Always wanted to ride the Viper, in my early years at the park (96/97/98/99) I was a little to short, but even after I passed the hight requirements, It was only open a few time, that along with rumors I herd from various people about it breaking down and such, I never got up the courage. It always looked so cool though!
  4. Wasn't that the original idea back in 05/06 when they took it apart and did the whole rehab?
  5. I really enjoy the FF hayrides, not so much the terror trails tho, but I honestly rather pay 10/15 bucks to go to one of those privately operated hayrides just because i don't like to deal with the large and sometimes hostel crowds that FF seems brings in. The one on 537 right outside the park is pretty decent, and of course there are others out there.
  6. I share the same interest as you Eric, I would have loved to try Ultra Twister, and Lightning Loops!
  7. If I remember correctly my first coaster at Great Adventure was Runaway Mine Train, my first inverted coaster of all time was GASM.
  8. Got to ride GASM today for a final ride, here is one of my fav photos I shot of GASM.. as well as a few I shot today...
  9. I don't remember when I got this, but I saved it
  10. *sigh* My first ever looping coaster experience was GASM... (1998) The park will sure look and feel different...
  11. At first everybody was saying that there is a new freefall, and me and my friends were confused but wanted to ride this 'new' freefall. We pretty much lived at the park that season, so one day it was actually open and we ran to get in line... Was nuts, the drops scared me good! Excellent spotlight!
  12. When I was younger I was afraid of Viper, could have had so many chances to ride it... Also I had the chance to ride Evolution too! Wish I took that opportunity, I was afraid it would fall off and roll into the lake! lmao I also wish I rode SM Freefall more! I miss that ride so much, but I did get to ride Jumpin Jack Flash, which I was proud of!
  13. never knew you could actually see the shore from up there? Wow... Have to deff try and get on my next visit
  14. I say, that they know the type of customers they are dealing with... Some people are ignorant or stupid and just don't listen to safety warnings to put the belt on... instead they might latch the belt and probably sit on it.
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