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  1. didnt the park have a train ride?
  2. astroneedle

    GAH Member's Choice Spotlight

    Does anyone know when the readers choice spotlight is coming out? I voted for the haunted castle.
  3. astroneedle

    Bumper Cars 3

    why buynew bumper cars? what is wrong with the autobahn? Seems like a lot of money to be spent when you already have some in the park.
  4. astroneedle

    The Gondola ride

    Do we have any info on the Gondola I have a feeling that will be the last ride spotlight done?
  5. astroneedle

    Spotlight Requests

    which ride spotlight would you most like to see next?
  6. astroneedle


    Does anyone know what it was can't find pictures or anything.
  7. astroneedle

    Fender Bender

    do you know why it was removed?