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  1. That was awesome!! Brought back a lot of memories. And although my desk chair is not robotic like the ones in the theater, I swear I could feel it moving! Pretty funny how the sights and sound of the video brought back the sensations that the simulator seats gave. Thanks for posting that! "Altitude, altitude!!" Like 29yrswithaGApass, I often say that on flights too! lol
  2. So no keeping "abreast... of the latest technology" this year!?
  3. Are there no blue lights in there? Personally I think blue is the most attractive LED color, and I would be slightly disappointed if none were present. I know the vibrance of LEDs are hard to capture with the average camera too, so I can't wait to see this in person.
  4. Weather permitting, I hope to be there too! I've never been to one before and it just sounds so cool. Anyone know if the Season Pass processing stations will be open? I have one friend who has a season pass, but hasn't gotten it processed yet and would probably want to go on Friday, but not if processing's not open...
  5. OK, here is the playlist that "Alexandra Nicotra" sent me last year. Well, actually she sent me the CDs and a printout of tracks similar to this one, although very little of the artist/album and even song title information was there. I speant a day or two organizing it and filling it all out. Hope you enjoy!! I added the Cusco song to the end, as it was not included in the original list she sent me. I put it in a PDF at the following link. The file is called "Hurricane Harbor Mix 2008.pdf". Let me know if anyone has trouble downloading it. :-) iDisk
  6. In regards to the music that was originally played, do you guys have a listing of the original "playlist"? I might want to download some of them for "pool parties" and whatnot over the summer. Last summer I got ahold of the PR girl from SFGA and she gave me a list of the music currently played there, as well as CDs with the songs on there, but this wasn't really the tropical sounding stuff I remember hearing in the early seasons. It was mostly the pop stuff played now. While good, it's not what I was looking for. Any help would be appreciated!!
  7. I wanted to share a video I threw together in iMovie from my trip to opening day. Hope you enjoy! Sorry for the shaky parts, it was hard to hold the camera real steady while walking and being blown at by the wind. There's some still shots in it too. I was there from about 11:30 until 1:30. Didn't get to ride anything, but took a nice stroll around to check everything out. El Toro was still being tested when I was there (close to 12:30 or so), and all the other "tall" rides were still closed. Of course, right after I leave, the weather gets a little bit nicer. But I had other places to go, and knew there's a whole season ahead of me to go back. So I hope you enjoy!! :-) I put it on YouTube, but they took the audio out because of copyright blah blah crap. So here's a link to my MobileMe gallery where you can check it out: SFGA Opening Day 2009 Video Trip Report
  8. My brother is in this! I don't really know much else about what it entails, other than what's listed here, but he seems excited about it. So look for him on Saturday!! I'm pretty sure he's "hosting" the show, or emcee-ing - whatever you wanna call it. I'm hoping to make it to the park then, but I don't know if my season pass will be ready by then. Hope so! Othewise I'll have to turn here for some updates on what's new and exciting at the park that we don't already know about.
  9. "Bizzaro" is here... http://www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/rides/bizarro.aspx Looks like the name was going to change all along. EDIT: And then I realized that we already posted about it in the "The Park Today" section. lol
  10. AHHHH! Why must they tease us? I want to knowww! lol
  11. So if I'm reading all of this correctly, it looks as if Medusa is going to be re-themed into a Superman related ride.... I don't know how I feel about that.
  12. What's not to like? It's so unique. I've been a fan since the first time I rode it. The only thing I don't like about it is how it's stuck in the back corner and is kind of a "far" walk to get to. The brakes at the end can be a little rough on certain body parts, but that's nothing compared to the thrill of the rest of the ride. I'm hoping this year's refresh brings new trains/a smoother ride. Other than that, I love Medusa and always will. There's something about that floor folding away that just makes it so awesome. The flying chair is just so different from the other rides. :-)
  13. Anybody know what happened to the pics? The link doesn't work and if I go to that album directly from Phil's site, I can't find the pictures you guys are talking about....
  14. Houdini has ALWAYS been one of my favorites. I rode it a lot with my younger brother before he did "big kid" rides. It grew on me 'cause of the theatrical atmosphere and all the elaborate thematic elements. It really is a cool illusion if you think about it. After a while, it just because fun to watch the reactions of all the first timers! And to see what was broken this time. My brother and I can totally recite the pre-show, by the way. ;-) It really was a shame to see things break down so much on that ride. Like the "chinese water torture chamber" that bubbled with no water in it, the candelabra that made a not so smooth trip across the mantle, the 3-5 different projectors/screens we watched the movie on, etc. Not to mention the fact that soundtrack in the main room was inconsistent. Sometimes you would hear Houdini, sometimes you wouldn't. Such a great ride that deserved more upkeep than it got. Although I guess with all that rotating, things are bound to get bunched up and break. I would love to see some of the equipment that powers all that! Anyway, long live Houdini's Great Escape!
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