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  1. Great ride. Still trying to find the easter eggs on the ride. Then High score today was 510,000 (not me)
  2. My kid wants to go see it. Never heard of the guy. I'm guessing there will be a lot of people ?
  3. Wicked cyclone and superman are awesome rides at SFNE. I also enjoy the layout as there are really no dead ends.
  4. ebuker

    June 4th

    On Ka, I found that slouching down a bit after the OTSR are secured helps smooth it out for me. (Not having that tight contact with the shoulders and the restraints)
  5. I was one of those who received an e-mail regarding the "Basic Dining Plan" - $59.99. I have a basic question - If I put it on one of my kids passes, do they really need to be there to use it? Example - Plan is associated with Kid 1, but I take Kid 2 with me, but also take Kid 1's card....Will that work or no?
  6. Does anyone know what the height restriction will be? The official site says TBD, but I saw somewhere else that it would be 48".
  7. +1 for the parking lot! I realize it's a big job, but that is long overdue.
  8. Yeah the ropes will definitely help. That's one of the standard replies I have when they send me surveys. Anyone know the reason for the hand scanners? My youngest always has trouble with the standard scanners reading her fingerprint. Has anyone ever had to "reset" their biometric?
  9. Didn't know it was the exact ride from SFGA! We are staying near the park, so we most likely will get their first thing. In general are the crowds less than SFGA?
  10. We are planning on a weekend getaway up to Lake George, NY. One of the main stops on the trip will be at six flags great escape. Does anyone have any tips? it will be my wife and I, along with our 6 and 9 year old girls. The older one being the fearless type, the younger still cautionary. From what I read it seems to be smaller and have more family type rides due to its past. Thanks everyone
  11. Took the tour today when it opened. Not sure if this is normal though - but they had that corner of the park closed until 11am (Runaway Train, Safari, Log Flume) - but it was a mad stampede when they let us back there. As far as the tour goes - A bit disappointed in that you don't get to see the monkeys. Trucks ride smoother than I expected. Most of the animals seemed scared of the trucks - I guess they have to adapt. Had to wait 20 minutes at the Camp for another truck to come - not sure what happened there. When we arrived back at the station - I couldn't believe the line that
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