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  1. Just thought I'd show this to you guys. On the Jackson Township website, they have a slideshow of things that make Jackson what it is. So of course they show the golf courses, the outlets, the Justice Complex... I have to say I love the picture of Great Adventure they have.
  2. Um... according to RCDB, Lil Thunder was in the park 4 years before Rolling Thunder. http://www.rcdb.com/1833.htm
  3. Ah. My mistake. Thanks for the clear up! A, C, B, F, D, E
  4. If you drive by the employee entrance on Rt. 537 and look to your left (safely I might add) you can catch glimpses of the plane from Right Stuff in the woods.... at least it was there before I went to Disney.
  5. Too many of the old rides have been taken out, I can't see anything there, except for Superman: Ultimate Flight, that should be removed. If anything, they should bring back Fantasy Fling, Musik, Autobahn, all the classic rides. XD
  6. I'm confused. Is it the order in which it goes to shut down rides, or the order they caused damage to the park?
  7. Oh Goddess... don't do that. >_> Setup (back when I was there) is an auto-evac. Biggest headache in the world.
  8. -strokes imaginary mustache- Very interesting.... This will be something to look forward my next visit down there.
  9. Oh, a challenge for ya. When I was lead in 07, my crew and I used to hit around 850-900 (sometimes more! 1K is our record) an hour. I don't know if you guys had a ton of rule changed since then (most likely) but see how much you can get (being safe of course) If you have any questions about the Bat, hit me up via PM.
  10. Good luck!!!! Treat the Bat right, and she'll do the same.
  11. That's my baby. Of all the rides I worked while at Six Flags (and let me tell you, it's got to the point over 2 and a half years where it's easier for me to tell you what I DIDN'T work), being the lead of Batman was the most fun I ever had. Ever.
  12. Sure..... I'm so glad he didn't come while I was working at the Emporium. That must have been a nightmare.
  13. Fair enough, but you can't tell me if Medusa and Superman were to switch locations then it would be Superman on the potential chopping block and not Medusa. There is only one reason that Superman draws more crowds. I said it before and I'll say it again. Medusa has a better track record then Superman maintenance wise and for that reason alone it should stay. It makes more sense to me that keeps drawing some kind of crowds and doesn't break down then something that is a mechanical nightmare. This is of course if the two were to go head to head.... which won't happen. Also, I do ag
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