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    Great Adventure, Geraldo Rivera, and John Lennon

    which one is Lennon? I know what he looks like but if he is in the background I don't see him in the foreground P.S. when were these taking (likely useless but Lennon was kill Dec 9th 1980 so if they were taken after it's not him)
  2. GA Rolling Thunder

    Spotlight Requests

    Haunted Castle, It's seem that a lot of facts escaped history, and that there isn't much about the Haunted Castle, I mean it is the biggest disaster in the history of the park, eight died. Weirdly I live in the same town as one of the victims, they'd be in their 40's if none of them died, how sad
  3. GA Rolling Thunder

    2014 Theme Park Map

    It fine but for me it sad to see Rolling Thunder gone (I don't care if it was rough and bumpy I love it and will not forget it) I was my Favorite ride and will be
  4. GA Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder Removal Discussion

    On this day last year was the first time I ever rode Rolling Thunder in the green car and after I rode it 8 more times and had rode in each car, The Very Last Time I rode Rolling Thunder was on September 7th at about 7:30 about the same time as the first time I rode it in the blue car with my cousin's husband. I was upset in November when I found out they took down my Favorite Ride I have memories and a card board model to remember RIP to Rolling Thunder.
  5. GA Rolling Thunder

    Right Stuff Simulator Video

    At first I though this was an ad. The best part is I can go and watch this any time I want without waiting, the bad part is my computer seat doesn't move with the video
  6. GA Rolling Thunder

    Coasters you'd like to see reversed

    I don't know I would said Rolling Thunder But out of the stupid ideas it has closed and will leave the park, most likely forever. Runaway Mine train,
  7. GA Rolling Thunder

    1980 Rolling Thunder at Night

    Great Just great
  8. GA Rolling Thunder

    Lilghtnin Loops Model

    Same here I made a card board Rolling Thunder
  9. GA Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder Ride Video

    Seeing this give me a bit more about the ride and did seem abit faster Thank you
  10. GA Rolling Thunder

    If you had $50 Million to spend on anything in the park

    With 50 million dollars I could OPEN ANOTHER PARK that what Leroy spend on Great Adventure likely smaller but still. If I was to spend it on the park, Resto! (74 or 75) and make the park bigger add more ride I find that there's not alot of a roller coaster (with the remove of Rolling Thunder only makes it worst)
  11. GA Rolling Thunder

    1975 Greatest Day In Your Life Commercial

    I would go to the park for this. Too bad Six flag did what is today a Thrill Park, I mean don't get me wrong there 'A' place for thought kind of thing but why Great Adventure? Althought it is the place where I rode my first ride with a loop (Bat Man)
  12. GA Rolling Thunder

    1999 - Medusa Commercial

    I when to the park in 2008 but I don't remember seeing it as Medusa, and for something reason I remember a bit the ad the ran at the time when it be came Bizarro in the ad saying the they have a "New Ride" p.s. I rode it a thought it was good
  13. SPOILER. I don't know, but I guessing that it's a someshow or something like that :\
  14. GA Rolling Thunder

    Day 19- Remove the Paintball Building

    FINALLY people who agree with me that stupid thing closed Dream Street making us go though the Boardwalk or the blue tent.
  15. GA Rolling Thunder

    Day 17- Restore the Carousel

    Agree the whole park could use a restrotion BRING '74 BACK or 75