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  1. I *still* have sticky asphalt on the bottom of my sneakers from our trip on Saturday. It was really really bad. I'm glad they are fixing it.
  2. I know that Calyspo Springs is opening soon. At the Wonder Woman event, they the date listed on the slideshow playing while promoting the new pins. Anyone know if that is the 28th (same as the member appreciation day) or the 21st?
  3. Really random question...but what is the blue painted line on the ground (mostly down the main thoroughfare through the frontier)? We've noticed it before, but they look freshly painted.
  4. I have no idea when Wonder Woman will actually open, but last Sunday it was testing all day long. And I have to say, it looks amazing.
  5. We are here, and so far it's cosplayers from the Comic event.
  6. That's basically what the old coaster Viper and it's queue looked like. Check out the photos on the rollercoaster page. http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Viper.htm
  7. This will be nice! They are going to offer mobile ordering for food. I hope they allow it for the dining passes as well.
  8. I wish they would bring the stunt shows back. Sure, they were corny as hell, but they were so enjoyable.
  9. I love that they are adding this-it really is needed. But I almost wish they would repair the current attractions first. The large bucket area (I don't think I actually know it's name lol) is in sad shape. Very few of the effects work any longer. Same for the Tak Et Eeez Creek.
  10. We were there on Sunday. I can't say they were dismantling it as there wasn't anyone there, but it's been closed for a while. The queue line is completely gone. There was large slabs of concrete ripped up as well.
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