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  1. I'm just curious if anyone has gone yet. Tomorrow is the last day of our vacation, and I'm seriously debating on going. We've been hunkered down since the end of March, and have only gone out for groceries and work. (And our trip to the safari lol) On one hand, I'm afraid to; and on the other I think we'd be on due to all the precautions. And, does anyone know how the "upgrade" for the memberships work? We are currently platinum, and *should* be upgraded to diamond due to the closures and not cancelling our memberships. Is it automatic?
  2. We went today, and it was great to drive through again!! Our reservations were at 3, and we had a BLAST. My *only* complaint was the staff was trying to break everyone into two lanes of traffic at each of the checkpoints...and then everyone went back to 1 lane and then you had those who would weave from one side to another holding up traffic. One car was REALLY bad-almost hit me and the car in front of me, and the staff actually pulled them aside twice, and then finally escorted them the rest of the way out. I had to laugh and could only think that the folks never drove through the old safari
  3. I can't even get into the reservation site any longer.
  4. Omg. These reservations are a joke lol. The site immediately crashed, and is still down. The comments on the GA Facebook page are insane.
  5. I wonder if this will be a separate charge or if memberships/passes will be used. My kids didn't believe me that we used to do this all the time!
  6. I just saw this browsing through Facebook. I'd love to know more on how many people are allowed in at once, and the split between members/pass holders and the general public. https://whyy.org/articles/largest-shore-area-amusement-park-will-require-reservations-upon-reopening/
  7. I guess it depends on the specs for the running temps.
  8. I know Congo needs a lot of TLC, but I'm glad it's staying. It's one of the few rides I can still ride after my surgery.
  9. So... Congo Rapids is staying? Also, any ideas where our friendly El Diablo, errr I mean Jersey Devil statue is going?
  10. My survery ended abruptly after I said the guy with the dreads in a ponytail didn't bother me. I'm only concerned about hair; male or female; if they are in food service. (Follow the guidelines-hair net, pulled back, etc) Otherwise, don't really care.
  11. I *still* have sticky asphalt on the bottom of my sneakers from our trip on Saturday. It was really really bad. I'm glad they are fixing it.
  12. I know that Calyspo Springs is opening soon. At the Wonder Woman event, they the date listed on the slideshow playing while promoting the new pins. Anyone know if that is the 28th (same as the member appreciation day) or the 21st?
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