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  1. hollyferry

    New options on the SF app!

  2. hollyferry

    New options on the SF app!

    This will be nice! They are going to offer mobile ordering for food. I hope they allow it for the dining passes as well.
  3. hollyferry

    Great Adventure Confessional

    I wish they would bring the stunt shows back. Sure, they were corny as hell, but they were so enjoyable.
  4. I love that they are adding this-it really is needed. But I almost wish they would repair the current attractions first. The large bucket area (I don't think I actually know it's name lol) is in sad shape. Very few of the effects work any longer. Same for the Tak Et Eeez Creek.
  5. hollyferry

    Misc GA Mumblings

    We were there on Sunday. I can't say they were dismantling it as there wasn't anyone there, but it's been closed for a while. The queue line is completely gone. There was large slabs of concrete ripped up as well.
  6. hollyferry

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Which park has the Animaniacs at? My kids love them. I remember a long time ago (late 90's) they were there. I was also groped by Wacko lol (there's a picture floating around here somewhere)
  7. hollyferry

    New for 2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!

    Well, that's crap lol. I'm still putting off upgrading then.
  8. hollyferry

    New for 2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!

    So... according to the above, the memberships are also 50% off through the 3rd? That's a really really good price. I still haven't upgraded our old gold memberships... may have to do it now. Anyone know what the 3 bonus months mean? Is that 3 additional months of the sale price before the payments go up? My current membership is valid continuously so long as my payments are current.
  9. hollyferry

    New for 2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!

    Just out of pure curiosity, which park did they get the video footage from? And ours is going to be bigger. Wow. Also, I am so so glad that area is slowly getting reused and rehabbed.
  10. hollyferry

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I'd actually be thrilled with new benches!! That way I can sit my lazy butt with my youngest while my oldest 2 ride 🤣 And...yum... steak house 🍖🥩 I tip my hat to you for this post.
  11. hollyferry

    What song reminds you of GAdv.

    Beyond the Mr. Six/We like to party song...I can't really pinpoint a particular song. But...I totally miss Alfred telling you to "hang (or hold?) on, you're in for a bit of a bumpy ride" right before Batman launched. (I practically lived in GA in the 90's lol) That phrase always makes me think of GA. I was so disappointed when we started coming again and they no longer had that recording playing.
  12. Anyone know why the lazy river has been closed so often? We've gone both on the weekends and weekdays, and it's almost always closed. One of the lifeguards told my son that there was an issue with a pipe that needs to be repaired; and another on a different day said staffing issues.
  13. hollyferry

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I'm wondering about a rename of Movietown myself. When we were there on Sunday, the arch was still missing the Movietown logo. I could totally see the Movietown side being named Gotham City, and the Old Country being officially named Metropolis.