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  1. I guess it depends on the specs for the running temps.
  2. I know Congo needs a lot of TLC, but I'm glad it's staying. It's one of the few rides I can still ride after my surgery.
  3. So... Congo Rapids is staying? Also, any ideas where our friendly El Diablo, errr I mean Jersey Devil statue is going?
  4. Tomorrow morning at 5am. It's usually all included in the release
  5. My survery ended abruptly after I said the guy with the dreads in a ponytail didn't bother me. I'm only concerned about hair; male or female; if they are in food service. (Follow the guidelines-hair net, pulled back, etc) Otherwise, don't really care.
  6. @Six Flags FUN! I completely agree. I can't ride Batman any longer due to back surgery, but waiting in the queue with my kids just isn't the same.
  7. Are you perhaps referring to this? I was looking through this entire thread the other night and noticed it too
  8. I know the Killer Croc poster was discussed before... but as we sit and eat our funnel cake sundaes... these posters are right in front of us. I *know* they don't fit all the clues, but you've got your slither and your soar. (I'm still hoping for Jersey Devil theme) My oldest actually pointed these out to me
  9. Not really much to see (as expected honestly). There are red and blue spray painted markers through out LTSP, but they all seem to be around the area where Taz Tornado, the little coaster and the airplane ride is. Just a few red circles near the bathroom/ Granny's House. I'm not sure if these are always there (I don't remember seeing them) , but the back gate was open a bit and there was numerous cars parked. I tried to sneak to the open side of the gate, but just as I was walking towards it, an employee shut it lol. (ETA: I wasn't going THROUGH the fence, just wanted to get to the side that opened so I could see in) This picture is through the fence.
  10. We are here today. Going to see if we can see any updates back in that corner of LTSP.
  11. Harry usually does. But no, he can't and will not tell us, so don't try lol
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