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    I like Theme parks definitely. I also like animals. Another thing I love is about any Roller Coaster!!
  1. They should check out the signs at Dorney Park, they have a good sign for every ride, of course they don't have themed sections like Great Adventure kinda has, the one reason why I say kinda themed is for example The Joker is a themed ride, but what is he doing in lakefront? Also Blackbeard shouldn't have got a name change.
  2. Yes, would love to see that, although I would want them to keep the flower pattern though.
  3. New Show Productions for Holiday in the Park

    RWS makes some decent shows at Hersheypark, hopefully their show at Great Adventure is also good. If only they could also do a show inside the Showcase during the summer too.
  4. The Future of Old Country?

    Or maybe play Looney Tunes episodes over and over in the showcase. They already play them in the ride line areas a lot though.
  5. The Future of Old Country?

    I think the Old Country should become a expansion for Movietown, not necessarily would the area be themed on specific movies. But I still want some decent theming too. First off the whole area needs repaved, the park must have a extremely low budget for their pavement, it is all dirty and cracked up. The Exploratorium should have a Larson Tilt-a-Whirl inside the building, with music and lights during the ride. I would keep the AutoBahn building, since they already have bumper cars, there can be seating for dining in there, and fill in snack and food areas like Snowy's. The Spinmeister pad should have a new flat ride, a Zamperla Endeavour, it is basically a new version of a enterprise, Six Flags Over Texas has one, it wasn't too bad of a ride. As for the third flat ride, there should be room where the Music Express was, a Larson flyers should go in that spot. My last suggestion for the area is to put a show during the summer in the Showcase Theater and Stunt Arena! At least something inside the Showcase.. So that is kind of what I think the park should do in The Old Country, it is something that is pretty realistic in my opinion, and could happen in 2018.
  6. I like the cups as they are, they don't need to change it, I just wish I could bring the cup to Dark Knight, but, I still like the cups as they are. I would like to see a few more locations with freestyles.
  7. I would love to see this, but I do hope the flower design stays on there.
  8. All I would like to see is a good show in the showcase, (something better than the hypnotist show.) and the overall park decorated more, in some areas of the park you can't find any decorations. Dead Man's Party would go good in the Batman Stunt Arena because there would be some room to stand and plenty of seats for those who don't want to be in the crowd. I don't care about the terror trails at Six Flags parks because it is an upcharge. Busch Gardens and Cedar fair parks has better haunted houses and they are free, the lines moves fast too.
  9. The 2015 Ninth Annual Warner Awards Results

    It is sad what happened to the Grandstands and Fort Independence, Joker isn't that huge of a ride, and it could of went somewhere else, Great Adventure has a lot of room compared to many other parks, they were just done maintaining the buildings. Kings Dominion removing Shockwave for Delirium is the same way, Shockwave's area is now mostly a grassy field. Some people must suddenly like it because Chop Six may take it's place, however I would love to see Chop Six go in it's location, never ate at Panda Express at Great Adventure and probably never will, I will stick to the Dining Pass locations. I hope to see a show in the Showcase again this year, and a dark ride in 2017.
  10. Harley Quinn Crazy Train Runs Amok in 2016

    For the re-theme all I expect Is it to be repainted, and a new sign, If we see more, then that would be good. Even though this roller coaster is getting renamed, I will probably still refer to it as Blackbeard. One more thing, I have been on 208 coasters, (I didn't count things like El Diablo, but I did count rides like Blackbeard.) but I still enjoy the smaller coasters just as much as the bigger ones, I am not one of those people who say, "That ride is too slow, it is a baby coaster." I just don't care for that much.
  11. New 2016 Dining/Plan Features & Guide

    I do think Panda express is good, but it isn't on the Dining pass, and chop 6 would be, if we get Chop 6 sometime it might be just as good.
  12. The park does need some shows in the summer, they mostly need one in the Showcase, it would be nice to see one in the Batman stunt arena, and maybe a nighttime show with a new stage by Total Mayhem.
  13. I would love to see an interactive ride at Great Adventure, I say that every year, DC themed or anything really would be nice, I could see it either in the old 4D theatre in the boardwalk, or in the Movietown/Old Country area. I do got to say 3 indoor rides at Great Adventure isn't too bad of an amount, Cedar Point doesn't have any indoor rides.
  14. Kingda Ka isn't a long ride but Skyrush at Hersheypark has restraints kind of like Zumanjaro, and it crushes your legs during the ride, so I'm not sure if that would work well on Kingda Ka.
  15. Photo Trip Report: October 9th, 2015 - Stormy Stormy Night

    It's a shame the largest park had to tear down two theatres for Total Mayhem. Cedar Point had one of those inflatable pumpkins for thier Haunt.