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  1. I think it is a bad thing to remove all four of these rides, but surely there has to be some sort of way to keep Kangaroo going, it is the only one left, it's also an icon for the park.
  2. This is one of the cars from Traffic Jam/Autobahn, I guess these operated for about 27 years. https://www.facebook.com/ridesmuseum/photos/a.520730324728161/2071471329654045
  3. Yeah, I liked the old entrance better (actually Tudor Square and Rhineland in general), is this new one more efficient when entering? Maybe a little, I just hope the trees they planted grow quickly, I also hope that they give you an option to bypass the shop when exiting when the park closes for the day, Covid or not, making that many people cram into a store isn't a good idea. It might be big, but it also doesn't have a clear straight path through the store either. A Tea Cup ride in the Carrousel pavilion would be nice, but the park seems to have issues staffing their rides as is,
  4. Yes, it is still there, they added some tables, color changing lights hanging from the ceiling, and two big claw games for some reason.
  5. Most parks do have temperature checks, but Knoebel's has no entrance, from the main parking you kinda just wander in wherever past some picnic pavilions, and there are ways to get in from the Campground too. I was at the park twice this year, they remind you to where masks often (especially at Phoenix) and I think I had one maybe two sanitizers not working, and I use that stuff as I exit or enter each ride.
  6. I assumed Haunt would not happen this year, but I was hoping for at least a Great Pumpkin Fest on Saturdays and Sundays with the rides open.
  7. I am all for renovating stuff, but the Six Flags shop looks so plain compared to the Looney Tunes shop.
  8. Can't imagine how terrible the attendance numbers will be for 2020.
  9. I find it odd that a lot of launching Intiman's are closed for maintenance, Storm Runner & Possessed are both closed for awhile, and it appears Wicked Twister & Top Thrill Dragster is closed, and of course Kingda Ka.
  10. I hope while Looper is closed they fix that jump on the top of the chain lift, it doesn't do it every time, but it can't be good for it when it does that.
  11. I am disappointed with that too, I think more people would rather have Splash Mountain over the people who are offended by talking animals from the south.
  12. They just need to extend it the whole year, and so do Magic Mountain pass holders get a lot more days on their pass? What if I use my Great Adventure pass in February 2021 at Magic Mountain? Even when the parks do open we are getting ripped off, if I bought a pass knowing what was going to happen this year I wouldn't have bought it, I wouldn't even go to a restricted park.
  13. I mean, of course they will open as soon as they can, but restrictions sometimes seem overboard to me. Taking a three hour drive to Great Adventure still isn't really worth it when a park is like that. Even Six Flags America which is almost a 2 and a half hour drive, still not worth it. Reservations seemed like an alright idea at first, until you realize you have to reserve a certain time, I would want a full at the park.
  14. Not sure if i'd want to go if I lived nearby, open without restrictions or don't open at all. I mean, who would even want to work there now?
  15. I know they mean well, but it just sound like a hassle and not very enjoyable, I like freedom at a theme park, and not capacity management on literally everything, let's hope that ends eventually. Of course at this point we have nothing open, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.
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