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  1. I think we are going to get a revamped kids area, I have no proof of it, but there is also no proof of a RMC Raptor, that just seems very unlikely to happen. But, the Seaport and Safari kids areas are looking a little shabby, and with the removal of Safari Tours, it makes sense something is going to happen in that section.
  2. They need someone to do a paintjob on their horses/roosters that last more than 2 months, they all need their paint stripped, primed and painted with a protective coat.
  3. I would love too see a show during the summer in the Stunt Arena, however I would highly doubt a Batman stunt show would be anything the park could do anymore. So, they should get a extreme bike group in there of some sort, something similar to All Wheel Sports that were at many of the Cedar Fair parks.
  4. If the park was willing the spend the money, it would be nice to see a refurbishment to the ride, like a paint job for the cars and new lights, I would like them to keep the flower on the lights though.
  5. As long as I don't need a locker on certain rides (like Cedar Point) for the sport bottles, I am perfectly fine with the plastic cups.
  6. I think the whole membership thing was not necessary, either way I am sticking with the Season pass, with Dining.
  7. It sure would help with the theming even more, I actually like Dark Knight, and the ride will be 11 next year and a bit of a refurbishment is always nice.
  8. I have been hoping for a summer show in there for years. people actually enjoy shows at Great Adventure, the last summer show we had in there was Brad Ross, and that was only in August that year.
  9. I say the park should get no new rides for 2019, the park has so much potential to become better with what they already have. Spend the new ride budget on repaving, refurbishing, and just making the park look better. Plus, I would love to see shows in the showcase and Stunt arena during the summer. Something like All Wheel Sports would be great in the Stunt Arena.
  10. I feel like the Autobahn building and the area had some potential, so it's a shame it's being torn down. They should have never built the current fender benders and just put new bumper cars in the Autobahn building, for a park like Great Adventure they needed to have a larger bumper car space in my opinion.
  11. For one thing the flash pass line is a good idea, but it needs a ceiling!! It is kinda distracting to have a bright glowing line area in the ride. They should get little spider creations to add new props, and it would be cool to have the lights at the props turn on, and then back off as you go by, to keep the ride dark but yet light up the props.
  12. There is there basically just two things that don't work in there? The billboards and the lights for the sanitation department sign. But, it would be cool to see some improvements to the ride though. Every time I have been on the ride this year I had to watch the pre-show every time.
  13. Yes! They should hire RWS for a summer show, or something, I think with Metropolis being in the area with the showcase it makes that area more popular, and the show would go over well.
  14. There would be a lot of waste of paper cups, and I can bring the cups across the station with no problem, the plastic ones have both straws and lids, I get them free with the dining pass, and plus I just like using the souvenir cups more. If the disposable cups were added as an extra option, I would be fine with it. But I just wouldn't want the souvenir cups to be replaced.
  15. Completely replace the plastic cups? No way, that would be awful. I don't use the paper cup option at the Cedar Fair parks, and wouldn't use it at Six Flags parks either.
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