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  1. I hope while Looper is closed they fix that jump on the top of the chain lift, it doesn't do it every time, but it can't be good for it when it does that.
  2. I am disappointed with that too, I think more people would rather have Splash Mountain over the people who are offended by talking animals from the south.
  3. They just need to extend it the whole year, and so do Magic Mountain pass holders get a lot more days on their pass? What if I use my Great Adventure pass in February 2021 at Magic Mountain? Even when the parks do open we are getting ripped off, if I bought a pass knowing what was going to happen this year I wouldn't have bought it, I wouldn't even go to a restricted park.
  4. I mean, of course they will open as soon as they can, but restrictions sometimes seem overboard to me. Taking a three hour drive to Great Adventure still isn't really worth it when a park is like that. Even Six Flags America which is almost a 2 and a half hour drive, still not worth it. Reservations seemed like an alright idea at first, until you realize you have to reserve a certain time, I would want a full at the park.
  5. Not sure if i'd want to go if I lived nearby, open without restrictions or don't open at all. I mean, who would even want to work there now?
  6. I know they mean well, but it just sound like a hassle and not very enjoyable, I like freedom at a theme park, and not capacity management on literally everything, let's hope that ends eventually. Of course at this point we have nothing open, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.
  7. Yeah, Six Flags St. Louis, we were supposed to go there this year, but now I doubt it will happen because of you know what.
  8. Thanks, had a great day yesterday, took a six mile bike ride on our local trail.
  9. We would be there opening weekend on April 4th, but I seriously doubt the park will open then. So don't really know when my first visit of the year will be.
  10. You seem to be slightly overreacting a little... Maybe... But seriously though, all of these places are closing or postponing so the Corona virus doesn't get worse, it is basically extreme precaution, the U.S is #8 on the amount of cases of the Virus in a country in the world. So basically, be patient and just be careful, I think this whole virus thing is being blown out of proportion, mostly because it is new and we don't know if it will get worse than it has. Turns out we have been living with the flu every year, in the 19/20 season it has killed 20,000 Americans, and infected 34 million, just this country alone, but it happens every year so it isn't as big as a deal as something new, Corona will also infect you longer without you knowing, so that scares people a bit I guess.
  11. Hersheypark keeps claiming Summer of 2020 for ChocolateTown, but judging by the progress, "Summer" is actually probably Memorial Day or earlier. Of course I can see Jersey Devil opening late June though.
  12. I hope they know what they are doing, they will run out of space and go bankrupt if they build too many big attractions too quick.
  13. Maybe they could solve the locker/phone problem and that would have never happened. I know it is just 1$, but it adds up and makes those three rides an upcharge, and if I leave my phone in the car it just becomes a hassle.
  14. If this truly happens Great Adventure's Twister will be the ONLY Huss top spin in the U.S, they better keep Twister going for a good long time.
  15. I still wish they reopened Autobahn, the building and the size was so much nicer than the bumper cars we have now.
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