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  1. Because the 4 programs all have different times ranging from a 2 minute cycle to a 4 minute cycle. The 4 minute cycle is very tame and very long and really only used for days that is really slow and its raining so that it does not have to close for the tires slipping.
  2. hey its Rob from gadv.com!

  3. 18 more days until I return back to work at the greatest park EVER
  4. Would one of them be Bizarro and Mine Train for the 08-09 off season?
  5. ^Its wild wild west. I believe its from the old movie wild wild west but I'm not 100 percent. I hate that song especially while working the ride. But rawhide is the best.
  6. ^ Yes it was and it will remain open for the remainder of the season.
  7. That's the only reason we close the skyride is because of high winds. If the wind is not high then it is open.
  8. ^Lol yes you can say that. Batman and Kingda Ka were my type of rides. I like to get good throughput at rides and set goals for my team members to achieve. Like "okay guys we are going to get 1000 this hour" at batman or "okay guys lets do 57 launches this hour" at Kingda Ka. It makes the team members feel good when they achieve goals but at rides such as The Dark Knight you just can't because it goes one speed.
  9. I really hope that they one day bring this back to life because this is something else. That is something that would set this park apart from all others I don't understand why they wouldn't do this.
  10. ^^Michael we were allowed to wear work boots that's why Quincy (if you remember him), Dave Young and that other black kid who's name cant remember used to wear them. But yes I have done double after double after double in the heat at the cables which was not too much fun until it was time for breaks to start or when swing shift and night shift came in and I got to go in the air conditioned booth to do paper work. But the most boring ride to operate is the operator at the dark knight operator because you don't do anything but watch cars go by and watch a screen. They just go automatically no dispatch no all clear just nothing, no spiel no interaction what so ever. I am a person who likes a fast paced environment and plenty of guest interaction but this is not the ride for me.
  11. Chiller Blue, Evolution, Jumpin Jack Flash, Time Warp, Rodeo Stampede, Viper, and Joust-A-Bout
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