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  1. Ah okay, it's a shame they took that stuff out, but at least that area is getting some use now. Glad to be back
  2. Hi, everyone. It's been a while. I don't live near NJ anymore so I haven't been. I saw that that the new Cyborg Spin ride was placed in the Old Country area. Did it replace anything in there?
  3. Not to mention that they are going to be closing Disney Quest, removing a whole part of the "Water park, Fun, And More" option. They're replacing it with The NBA experience, which probably won't be part of Water park, Fun and More. It's more going to be just "Waterpark and golf" option.
  4. Thanks, everyone! It's a shame I'm heading west, though. No more Great Adventure for a while after this summer.
  5. I got accepted into my top choice college with a presidential scholarship! I honestly couldn't be happier right now! I'm going to be majoring in mechanical engineering.
  6. Got accepted into my top choice college!

  7. Pictures and videos I take at Great Adventure. The pictures are taken on my phone or camera.
  8. The other night I was working on my physics project (My school usually goes to GA for physics day but we went to Hersheypark this year for some reason). We had to work through many problems. However my teacher never gave us back the equations we need. I went searching online for them, and I found a Six Flags Great Adventure physics day workbook from 2013 with all the physics equations. It even had Rolling Thunder in it. Here's the link: https://www.sixflags.com/sites/default/files/SFGA%20Physics%20Workbook%202013%20Edition.pdf
  9. Happy birthday Harry! And happy belated birthday to RC98 as well!
  10. Is the statue of El Diablo going to have sprayers in it or something? It looks like a pipe is running out of the back of it.
  11. What are the prices for Dare Devil Dive?
  12. What is this season shopping pass deal with the hat, bag, and shirt? I saw a sign for it in the park but I didn't get the chance to read all of it.
  13. It apparently expired a while ago, my mom bought it for me the other day and it was around $96. They said it expired on April 9th or something like that.
  14. I was there yesterday too with my boyfriend, the lines were extremely long for everything we wanted to ride. Both Bizarro and The Dark Knight broke down while we were in line.
  15. It says the deluxe dining pass is limited time, does anyone know when it ends, if it actually does? My mom wants to buy it for me but we can't get it until next time we go.
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