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  1. Yeah that's probably it then. Was that open to the public or was that staff use only?
  2. I feel like I remember back in 2013 or 14 you could still see the cabanas/little sitting areas from Congo Rapids, as seen in this photo: I'm sure since it's been 6+ years plus the Jersey Devil construction they're definitely gone now though.
  3. I love Google Earth Pro's rewind feature. The pictures from 2002 are decent.
  4. Yesterday evening I was watching YouTube with my brother and my mom on the living room TV. The tour74 video came up in my recommendations, so we watched it. From there we watched the different ride videos that have been uploaded to YouTube by you guys. It allowed my mom to really reminisce about the times she went when whe was a teenager (like her favorite roller coaster was Shockwave). So even though they've been up for years, thank you still for uploading them because it allowed for an uplifting night in these days of uncertainty.
  5. I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and doing okay!
  6. Decided to try out the code window in the text box for my "about me" page and wound up wiping half of the page by mistake! Still haven't figured out how it works... New about me page in the works as well now due to my mistakes lol
  7. I love the tree interior of the canopy, its beautiful!
  8. I'm moving back to Pennsylvania in July so hopefully the summertime!
  9. I wonder how they're going to rework the area for the entrance.
  10. Oh awesome, Bally has made some of my favorite pinball machines of all time!
  11. When it says a Bally company, does it mean the Bally that manufactured pinball machines as well?
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