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  1. I always love reading the Great ADVENTure calendar, but boy, I was not ready for the music! I have my earphones in and clicked on the link. Lesson learned about volume up on my PC. For the record though, great wishes this year so far!
  2. I'm surprised they haven't taken down the Koala Canyon bathrooms, as it seems like it's in the way of construction. I wonder if they'll remain?
  3. For some reason on Google Maps, if you hover over Granny's House, it is designated as a Church. There's also this review that I found pretty funny:
  4. After the removal of Riptide, I'm surprised that they didn't try to make the connection between the two halves less awkward. The only reason for the bridge was Riptide, so I'm surprised once it was gone they didn't look to make the walking path easier.
  5. Thanks, @29yrswithaGApass. I wonder if it will remain there after the coaster has been built.
  6. Are you able to see anything from the Seaport bridge?
  7. This picture is historical now
  8. Do the black/red/orange/blue tags under peoples names have significance?
  9. I think many of us on here are too old to be out trick or treating, lol. My local ordinance says you can't trick or treat if you're over 12 years old. My college will be hosting a Halloween party this coming weekend though, that'll be fun .
  10. I love Christmas ❤ But I just decorated for Halloween today.
  11. Glad you'll find it useful. Here's a few more.
  12. I found this cool website that utilizes deep learning to colorize black and white photos. I don't personally have any black and white photos so I decided to test them on GAH photos. It's not entirely accurate but it's cool to see the guesses it made. Website link here!
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