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  1. That's Sheldon!? Wow. I'm so used to seeing him the way he is now. It's a trip to see such an old picture of him.
  2. From what I heard, that is not true. I was talking with Pete the other day and he mentioned he is excited for what next years frightfest is going to bring and he is working on the new ghoulmaster show already. I guess only time will tell though.
  3. i honestly dont know that much. never said what kind. i hope its a giga though
  4. OK, so, rumor is. Great Lake Grandstand and Fort Independence (dolphin/sea lion show arena) will be torn down, and a coaster going OVER the water (and under in tunnels as well) will be placed on the lake. They want people to walk in and see a HUGE ride right off the bat. Hope I don't get fired for that, but it IS a rumor... that I heard... from the full timers...
  5. Being that the new posts that they are preparing to install to accommodate zumanjaro are green just like ka, I highly doubt it.
  6. From what I understand, it will start in the off-season. ALSO, as far as the lines for Zumanjaro, supposedly they are going to split the Queue line at Kingda Ka towards the beginning of the queue so it will be minimal construction for the new lines.
  7. I've already said too much I believe haha
  8. I'm not too sure. I'll be working Hurricane Harbor the next 3 days so I won't be there to see, but if I hear something, I'll let you all know.
  9. Yep! They were replacing the steel cable in the launch catapult.
  10. Closer to reality than a dream actually... that's all I will say.
  11. Well, I work there, so I could get in trouble possibly haha. But, I heard it from the full timers who plan these things. Lets just say that the view when you enter the park might change.
  12. I have some pretty good insider information about what is being planned for 2015, but I'm not too sure if I should (or if I'm even allowed to) say it. It is NOTHING that you all think it is though, I'll say that much.
  13. Great Adventure: The only deviations to the uniforms are really for us in First Aid (Grey polos with EMS and First Aid written on them), Security with their uniforms, Fire Department with dark navy or black Class B fire uniform shirts/pants. Maintenance with their jumpsuits or green work clothes. Safari in their beige outfits, and whatever the water show people wear (usually wetsuits and when not in that, usually a beige safari uniform) Flashpass in their fire-engine red shirts. Everyone else wears the neon-green polos with the exception of supervisors (They are issued a maroon colored "Leadership Team" polo, but can buy other colors) And some admin just wear a dress shirt and tie. And then there is Loss Prevention which I will not discuss for obvious reasons. Hurricane Harbor: Lifeguards and Water attendants wear swim suits with an identifying shirt. First Aid is the same as listed above. Security wears white polos and black/dark navy shorts or pants. Admin usually wear the Leadership Team polos, and everyone else again gets the neon-green polos. If you want, I'll upload a pic of my First Aid uniform. Long story short, if you don't know what department they are in, best bet is to look at the side of their ID card which is displayed. As you can see, mine that I posted above says "Safety." Others will say stuff such as "Ride-Ops" "Admissions" "Food Services" "Contracted" or sometimes even "Leasee"
  14. Latest rumors I've heard while working is that this is the last year for Rolling Thunder, it will be torn down in the off season. Also, a new version of Stuntmans Freefall might be affixed to the back side of Kingda Ka
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