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  1. SFGadv123


    Went to the park yesterday, first Hurricane Harbor and then the regular park. I couldn't find my season pass so I had to get a replacement, luckily it was free to replace. The girl working said that I should download the app and scan my pass so I always have it on there, I didn't even know I could do that. Anyway, I don't like going to HH but my friend wanted to go so we got there when it opened and left around 1pm. It wasn't very busy and most of the slides we waited no longer than 5 minutes. We waited a long time for Tornado, no surprise as it always had a long line. Multiple people almost passed out in line from the heat (it wasn't even too hot out yet!), so they had to stop the ride a few times. King Cobra was closed all day, not that I cared because it's a terrible ride and was a waste of money lol. The lazy river wasn't clean and had a lot of leaves and stuff in it. I assume probably from the thunderstorms the other day, but you'd think they would clean it before they open We went to the park and got lunch first. We went to Best of the West where I ate some ridiculously overpriced food, I know it's an amusement park so no matter what it is going to be expensive, I just like to complain about it anyway. We waited about 45 minutes for SORA, which was pretty rough when standing in the sun. They really should add more shade to their lines. They had a tent or whatever it's called over one section of the switchbacks but not the other (the one that actually gets used more lol), doesn't make sense. Other than that none of the other rides had long lines. About 10 minutes for Bizarro, 10 minutes for El Toro, and 20 minutes for The Joker. Nitro had the shortest line of the day and we walked right into the station. I wish I could have stayed longer but at least I got on my favorite ones. I was glad to see the mist on the corkscrews for Bizarro working, I haven't seen them work in years. Overall it was a good day at the park, HH actually having short lines and decent operations, and with the limited time I had at the main park I got on everything I wanted to.
  2. SFGadv123

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I saw multiple times this week the park posting around 1-2pm that Hurricane Harbor reached capacity and closed the gates. Maybe I just haven't paid attention but did this usually happen other years? I've been hearing from a lot of people that HH has been poorly run this year (though that seems to be the case every year)
  3. SIx Flags is really pushing membership on everyone. Pass holders are eventually going to be forgotten it seems
  4. SFGadv123

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Where would the entrance be? There isn't really any space for that since El Diablo took the spot of Rolling Thunder's entrance. While the track may fit there, the queue and entrance don't seem to have a place to go
  5. SFGadv123

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    https://whyy.org/articles/severe-storms-generated-meteotsunami-as-they-moved-off-n-j/ The storms caused a type of tsunami tonight too. Interesting stuff
  6. SFGadv123

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I get that it is about safety but it's just ridiculous that it seems like eventually it's going to come down to the point that unless you get a locker you won't be able to enjoy yourself and get on all the rides. 9/10 people are probably going to either have a phone or keys on them
  7. SFGadv123

    Misc GA Mumblings

    So fare every time I have gone on The Joker an employee (not security) is standing there asking if anyone has a phone or keys on them
  8. SFGadv123

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I keep my keys in my back pocket so they won't be able to see it. I never bring my phone into the park though because I'm afraid it would either fall out or they would see it and I wouldn't be able to ride.
  9. SFGadv123

    Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    I haven't been to the one at the park, but I did go there once at Cedar Point. It wasn't bad but certainly wouldn't be my first choice. However I will say the prices aren't completely ridiculous like most of the other food places in the park, so it's a good option if you don't have the dining plan
  10. SFGadv123


    This was my first trip of the season. I was going to go to the park yesterday but with the rain I decided to go today instead (I still wanted to go yesterday since rain means no lines, but my friend thought otherwise). Regardless, I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of crowds today. Even though it is still April, the day before was crappy and it was a really nice day so I expected a decent crowd. Got to the park around 10:15 and the lot was nearly empty. Didn't even have to wait in a mine of cars to park. There was a line was for the metal detectors and entry to the park but it was fairly short. We headed to The Joker right away and it was a station wait. I think this was my 4th time going on this ride and I love it every time, definitely one of my favorites in the park. After this we went to Superman and waited 2 trains for front row, the rest of the rows were walk on. I hate GL because it bangs my head around but I told my friend I would go on it with him if he went on TDK with me since he doesn't like TDK. It wasn't as bad as other times but it still gave me a headache. Next we headed to Zumanjaro, which we walked right on. Kingda Ka actually had a decent line, it probably took about 20 minutes, still not bad. They were running all 4 trains too. Maybe my memory is failing me, but in the past didn't they usually only run 3 trains? Next we headed to El Toro which had a station wait, but we waited for front row so it took a little longer. I am glad to see the shortcut between Golden Kingdom and Plaza del Carnival is opened again. Bizarro, as usual was a walk on. It really is just out of place since it's a dead end of the park and no other attractions near it. The fire wasn't even working today. I hate how Six Flags themes their coasters really nicely but then can't maintain them. All of the rides are like this (Many of the themeing on TDK no longer works, the mist, speakers on GL don't work). Next we took the skyride over to the other side and went on Nitro, which had a station wait. Batman: TR also had a station wait. TDK had a line but it was short so we went on it. Justice League actually had a pretty long line, but it went fast and we only waited around 20 minutes. At this point we had gone on everything we had wanted to and it seemed that the park was getting a little bit busier, so we decided we'd go on a few more rides and then call it a day. We went back to the Joker which was about a 10 minute wait. Skyscreamer was about a 15 minute wait. I wish they would either add more speakers or make it louder because you can't always hear the music playing on the ride, and I think the music adds a nice touch. We went back to El Toro, which was about a 15 minute wait, but when we got off almost the entire first switchbacks were filled, so we timed that perfectly. After that we went to Bizarro which still had just a station wait. It was about 4:30 and we got on everything we had wanted to (and more), so we decided to call it a day. Overall a very successful trip, crowds were low, and overall I think the operations for the rides were pretty good and timely. I had heard people hear say that operations were slacking so it was good to see them doing a good job. One last thing to say, which I will continue to say every time I go until they do something about it, is that they have to either make lockers free or let people leave items on the side in the station or something. I know that bringing keys, cell phone, or other stuff on the rides is a safety hazard, but unless they give me a convenient and affordable way to not bring it on the ride I will continue bring my keys on the ride (I'll never bring my phone in though). Is charging you $25 to park, $50 for a ticket, and $10+ for food and drinks not enough for them? (obviously I have a season pass with free parking, and I wouldn't dream of buying their overpriced food), but for someone who is making a day trip there, paying for a locker is just ridiculous. Also, on Justice League they were telling people that their souvenir cups had to be empty when they got to the front of the line. I never saw them say this on any other ride. A saw a few people get pissed about that rule too, I know I would if I just paid for a drink and had to dump it out.
  11. SFGadv123

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    North Korea isn't going to do anything. They are all talk no action.
  12. SFGadv123

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Most of the snow should be gone by the weekend with temps in the 40s and the March sun angle will help a lot too, but I can see why they moved it I think it's more that they don't want to downplay the situation. It's much better to be prepared for the worst than to think it won't be bad and it ends up being a deadly storm. Being a meteorologist is a really hard job because there so are so many factors that change a forecast and one very small change can make or break it.
  13. $2 an hour? I wouldn't even work at a place that paid me that low. When I first got a job I was deciding between working at an arcade at the boardwalk or at a yacht club. The arcade paid below minimum wage while the yacht club paid $8.50. That made the decision easy.
  14. SFGadv123

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    If they stay healthy, not long at all. They made some good moves in the offseason, and their rotation could be one of the best in the league if they stay healthy.
  15. SFGadv123

    What song reminds you of GAdv.

    Dance Floor Anthem by Good Charlotte. I used to always hear the park playing that song, especially in the queue for Superman