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  1. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    I never bring my phone in but I just leave my keys in a pocket that either zippers or is buttoned shut. I understand not letting phones on the ride because of the risk of people taking it out and trying to take videos and whatnot, but when you add a wallet and keys to that list is when it gets dumb. Those are essential things everyone (or almost everyone) is going to have to bring in with them, and it is stupid to punish people for doing that.
  2. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - NOW OPEN!

    If only there was some way to let people store their loose articles somewhere for no cost while they go on the ride so they don't have to take it with them...
  3. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Still a ways away before we really know where this storm is going. Anything from Florida to up here seems possible right now. I wouldn't be too concerned about it here just yet
  4. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I haven't seen the video on what this ride actually does so I can't really judge too much yet but so far it doesn't seem like something I would ride
  5. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Hurricane Harbor needs to join the rest of the water parks around and get one of those trap door slides. Most water parks (at least the good ones) have those now. They were suppose to get them a few years ago but that was canceled and they got the joke of a ride King Kobra.
  6. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    What they should have done is when they got Green Lantern, theme that as Bizarro since it is right next to Superman, and they could have left Medusa as is. Of course, that would have required them to know that they were getting a coaster to replace GASM years in advance.
  7. Misc GA Mumblings

    When do you give the pass back? Some rows are obviously longer than others so the numbers would be scattered all over the place. I assume they would collect them before you get back in the station? If they are going to be really strict on the loose article policy they need to make it easier to store the items somewhere. I don't bring my phone in the park because I'm always afraid it will break or i'll lose, it but i obviously need my keys. I am not going to buy a locker for the ridiculous prices. They either need to add bins to the rides to place loose items like most parks have or lower the prices of lockers.
  8. New (NJ) Theme Park Puts Six Flags At Risk

    Isn't it common sense to have security cameras in the lot? I don't see the logic, it isn't like they don't have the money
  9. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I'm just waiting for Hurricane Harbor to finally get one of those drop box type slides. I feel like all of the water parks around here have one of those now. I remember when HH was suppose to get them on The Falls but opted to go with the joke of a slide King Cobra
  10. Lets talk about Kingda Ka,

    Nitro, Bizarro, and Superman should all be painted before KK. You don't see KK's track close up unless you ride it, but for the ones I mentioned, you don't even have to ride it to notice how badly they need to be painted. As for your other points, it's too costly to change the launch system. KK is still a popular ride and attracts many people all over the world. As long as it's current state still makes them money...
  11. Oh I understand that it is an opinion. But people have said they don't understand why people object to this project, and this article is from the view of someone who is against it and makes some good points. This part of the article catches by attention: "What’s most disconcerting is how any company or individual could stick to a deforestation plan after listening to experts testify about the devastating environmental impacts, and possible harm to the area’s drinking water supply. That, coupled with the township’s lack of any environmental impact studies to weigh the effects on the public and surrounding environment, is reprehensible." I don't know how much of that is actually true, since again this is an opinion article, not an official statement, but I am interested in finding out. If they really didn't do any environmental impact studies I could see that being a problem.
  12. http://www.app.com/story/opinion/columnists/2017/07/08/six-flags-solar-farm-court/103507306/ This is a good article explaining why the current plan to cut down all of the trees is the wrong way to go about this
  13. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Seems weird to think that some schools are just getting out now when I've been out for 2 weeks
  14. Still disappointed that they couldn't find a way to do this without cutting down so many trees. It's counter productive to do one thing that helps the environment while doing another thing that damages it. I know that they use the parking lot for events and stuff, but I'm sure they could at least used some of the lot for the panels and left some parts open that way they would cut down less trees.
  15. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    When I went to the park this year they were just asking people as they walked through if they had phones or keys and were not patting anyone down, maybe they have other days I don't know. But either way, I understand why they don't allow them on the ride but if they are going to do it they need to make the lockers free. It's ridiculous that someone is going to be punished and forced to either pay for a locker or not be able to ride. I never bring my phone into the park anyway because I don't want to lose it, but obviously you are going to bring in keys. When I went my friend bought a locker so I just used theirs to put my stuff in, but I would never buy a locker myself. It's a waste of money.