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  1. Some solar panels are designed in which it is easier for snow to slide off of them should that be a problem. I don't know what kind of technology the panels SF uses does but it would have been smart for them to do that. Solar panels can actually be more efficient in colder weather and the sun reflecting off snow on the ground would increase output too. I don't think they will have any problems generating more energy than they use in the winter.
  2. I never bring my phone in the park, but I think it's dumb that they don't allow you to bring keys or a wallet on the ride even if it is in a zippered pocket. I totally understand the phone risk because someone could still take it out during the ride, but no one is going to be taking out their keys or wallet on the ride. It's stupid and just an excuse for them to make more money from people renting lockers
  3. I really like the look of the solar carports over the overflow lot. It gives a good impression too as it's one of the first things people see when driving to the entrance. Once again, I think it would have been a great idea to have them over the main lot too, providing shade and protection to cars. But oh well
  4. Went to the park today for the first time this year. I see they are still extra strict on the loose articles policy. I had my season pass in my pocket which I guess kinda looks like a phone even though its much thinner. When I was getting in line for The Joker the security guard stops me and asks what I have in my pocket. I said it was my season pass. He very sternly says, "Okay, pull it out!". So I show him and then he keeps asking about my back pocket and then finally lets me go. I get that it is for safety but still, I think if you have zipper pockets (which I did) they shouldn't make a big deal about it. And why are they not concerned that I am going on the ride wearing sunglasses but are concerned about something in a zippered pocket? I'll give the security guard a pass for being rude because there were a lot of middle school trips there today and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them were giving him a hard time and lying about things so perhaps he was just tired of dealing with it.
  5. I wonder if they are permanently getting rid of the yellow rails on Superman or if they are just painting it all red for now and will go over it with yellow after. Also, it appears they are reeeaaalllly going all out on benefits for members. I've gotten a season pass every year for the past I believe 9 years and the thing about the membership is I just don't want to have to make a monthly payment for it, I prefer just paying for the pass once a year. But unfortunately my loyalty of buying a pass every year means nothing cause I'm not making a monthly payment lol
  6. Park was packed tonight. Got there around 4pm and stayed until almost 7. Nitro took 45 minutes (for front row), and Justice League was an hour. The lines for food/drink were ridiculously long. The line to see Wonder was very long as well, the showing I went to was completely full. I don't know if crowds have been like this often, but they should really consider opening the rest of the park up to deal with these lines.
  7. I remember years ago when they raised it to $25 and thought that was ridiculous. They can charge outrageous prices to park since people have no choice but to pay it if they want to get into the park, and it'll encourage more people to get a season pass or membership with the free parking, so it's a good strategy, but still greedy and ridiculous in my opinion.
  8. No one knows exactly where the storm is going to go, models have it anywhere from South Carolina or all the way to NJ. It's likely to impact someone, but we'll have to wait a little longer to find out who
  9. They extended the sale to September 9th. I still don't get why I need to go to the park by the 30th to get a free upgrade to gold. What if I lived in another state or something and come to NJ for the summer and wanted to take advantage of that deal? I mean I guess they do it just for that reason so the people getting the free upgrade they know are loyal customers who go to the park regularly, but I think the fact that I already have a season pass shows that I attend often anyway. Just doesn't make sense to me.
  10. I was going to buy them today and then stop at the park to get the free parking and stuff on my way back to college since I pass it, but since the system was down I couldn't, just my luck of course.
  11. The park is definitely pouring most of it's energy into the membership program, giving them the best and most benefits while kind of slowly ignoring season pass holders. It's coming to the point where I feel like eventually there just really won't be any benefits for season pass holders and only if you get a membership it would be worth it. Hopefully I am wrong, because I do not plan on ever getting a membership.
  12. I think it's dumb that in order to get the free upgrade to gold you have to go to the park by September 30. I know they do it every year but I just think it is inconvenient. I wasn't planning on going to the park this month (I don't really even have time to) but I guess i'll have no choice.
  13. Rumors at this point for 2020 mean nothing. Whatever rumors you are talking about are probably coming from someone that has no idea and is really more just hoping that is what they get. They have certainly been focusing on increasing their non-roller coaster package of rides not just in the past couple years but in this decade in general. Since 2010 they have gotten (techincally) 3 coasters (GL, The Joker, El Diablo), 4 thrilling non-roller coaster rides (SkyScreamer, Zumanjaro, Cyborg, Wonder Woman), a dark ride (Justice League), family ride (SORA). They could definitely go in a few different directions on what type of ride they get. It could be a roller coaster, but I don't think that is definite or anything, there are other areas they could focus on.
  14. I never thought I would like pendulum rides but just a few weeks ago I finally gave in and went on one and thought it was really cool, so i'll definitely be trying this one out.
  15. SFGadv123


    Went to the park yesterday, first Hurricane Harbor and then the regular park. I couldn't find my season pass so I had to get a replacement, luckily it was free to replace. The girl working said that I should download the app and scan my pass so I always have it on there, I didn't even know I could do that. Anyway, I don't like going to HH but my friend wanted to go so we got there when it opened and left around 1pm. It wasn't very busy and most of the slides we waited no longer than 5 minutes. We waited a long time for Tornado, no surprise as it always had a long line. Multiple people almost passed out in line from the heat (it wasn't even too hot out yet!), so they had to stop the ride a few times. King Cobra was closed all day, not that I cared because it's a terrible ride and was a waste of money lol. The lazy river wasn't clean and had a lot of leaves and stuff in it. I assume probably from the thunderstorms the other day, but you'd think they would clean it before they open We went to the park and got lunch first. We went to Best of the West where I ate some ridiculously overpriced food, I know it's an amusement park so no matter what it is going to be expensive, I just like to complain about it anyway. We waited about 45 minutes for SORA, which was pretty rough when standing in the sun. They really should add more shade to their lines. They had a tent or whatever it's called over one section of the switchbacks but not the other (the one that actually gets used more lol), doesn't make sense. Other than that none of the other rides had long lines. About 10 minutes for Bizarro, 10 minutes for El Toro, and 20 minutes for The Joker. Nitro had the shortest line of the day and we walked right into the station. I wish I could have stayed longer but at least I got on my favorite ones. I was glad to see the mist on the corkscrews for Bizarro working, I haven't seen them work in years. Overall it was a good day at the park, HH actually having short lines and decent operations, and with the limited time I had at the main park I got on everything I wanted to.
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