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  1. I think it call depends on when they open back up. I assume they will want to open up asap, but if they wait until the virus is completely under control with basically no new cases appearing anywhere, there probably won't be many limitations.
  2. Yeah, the past couple years it has been really tough to get to the park in that month window after the sale to process my pass since I'm away at college. Would make it so much more convenient.
  3. I don't think this would be good at all. Cedar Fair and SF have different focuses (both good in their own ways), a merger would bring a lot into question. Also would be interesting to see how it would impact admission prices and benefits (adding 11 more parks that you can visit with a season pass would surely encourage them to increase the prices, no? especially when you would now have parks pretty close to each other like great adventure and dorney park, a season pass/membership would basically be 2 in 1 for many people). I also reject the idea of letting Six Flags get closer to a monopoly of the amusement parks industry in the country.
  4. I imagine you could probably get some neat views of this ride from Prospertown Lake. I will definitely be going to kayak out there next summer lol
  5. Also, it looks like it doesn't take over the spot of Congo Rapids, but I can't tell
  6. I hate when people spoil things cause they can't wait 12 extra hours. Regardless of that though, the theme certainly seems like it'll be really cool. I think they should and probably will reuse the El Diablo statue for the entrance. It looks pretty tall, I'll be curious to see the actual numbers tomorrow. I feel like the capacity might be a bit of an issue. How many trains can these things run?
  7. "We" could also mean Great Adventure specifically, and obviously the park doesn't have anything like a Raptor
  8. I'm sure the last clue is going to be a significant one. Will probably allow us to narrow it down to like two possible rides.
  9. I think that’s definitely a clue on whether they are getting rid of the kiddie area or Congo rapids.
  10. Yeah as bad and lame as the ride was the sign was really cool, def one of the best in the park. They'd be dumb to not use it elsewhere.
  11. I didn't realize this was going to be built literally right next to Prospertown Lake. I also didn't realize Six Flags even owned the land on the other side of the lake. It's interesting that this petition was created 7 months ago (and reached 6,000 signatures 2 months ago) but suddenly this article is being written about it. Having said that, the fact that this is being built right next to the Prospertown Wildlife Management Area and the fact that there are already plans to build a massive sports complex down the road, why is this necessary? I can only imagine the significant increase in traffic and the damage this could cause to Prospertown Lake.
  12. Was at the park today and Wonder Woman wasn't open, and they even have the blue fence back up around it. Whats going on?
  13. The survey I got was $49.99 a night. That would be a damn good deal lol
  14. No offense but arguing that it's too cloudy in NJ for solar panels is pretty stupid. As people have pointed out, solar panels still produce energy when it is cloudy, just at a lower output. Are there places more optimal? Of course, but it isn't a bad place for them by any means. No matter how you try to portray it it is good that they now get most of their energy from clean, renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.
  15. Some solar panels are designed in which it is easier for snow to slide off of them should that be a problem. I don't know what kind of technology the panels SF uses does but it would have been smart for them to do that. Solar panels can actually be more efficient in colder weather and the sun reflecting off snow on the ground would increase output too. I don't think they will have any problems generating more energy than they use in the winter.
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