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  1. Kate Vizzard

    4/13/14 Photo Trip Report

    Snow at Great Adventure:
  2. Kate Vizzard

    Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - NOW OPEN!

    the new drop ride looks so scary!
  3. Kate Vizzard

    WANTED: Great American Scream Machine Memorabilia

    Anything. what do you have?
  4. Kate Vizzard

    Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - NOW OPEN!

    I am never riding this!
  5. Kate Vizzard

    New show in Showcase Theatre?

    Ghoul Master's ghost's was great
  6. Kate Vizzard

    Six Flags GRAPE Adventure 2013: A Wine and Food Event

    I don't see why season pass holders have to buy tickets for this event. Should be included with our season pass, or at least a discount price, like ten dollars. thank you for the information.
  7. Kate Vizzard

    Batman & Robin: The Chiller

    Such a great ride, hope they treat well in brazil
  8. Interested in Great American Scream Machine or Chiller Memorabilia. Please respond to this post or email me or Pm me.
  9. Kate Vizzard

    VOTE! Will you ride Zumanjaro?

    No, I won't even ride dominator.
  10. Kate Vizzard

    Dorney Park 10/6/13

    Stuntman's Freefall!
  11. Kate Vizzard

    Retro Trip Report: April 5th, 2003

    Thank you for the pictures, love the western town ones!
  12. Kate Vizzard


    I waited 40 minutes for Nirto this sunday. Dorney had a huge crowd on saturday in the night about 10 days ago.
  13. Kate Vizzard

    Dorney Park 10/6/13

    Di dyou see the guy who plays the Caroline? Very good, by the log flume.