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  1. I was really hoping for a RMC like "Goliath." So, SO disappointed. They took away Rolling Thunder away for THIS? A carnival ride. Unbelievably LAME
  2. I was at the park yesterday as well--saw no demolition happening yet and that's exactly what I was thinking! Maybe if we close our eyes and wish REALLY hard LOL
  3. Yes that is true, and while they do love those rides too, truthfully they are all pretty lame compared to RT. My kids really felt like big boys on that ride. Bummer
  4. What is so upsetting though is that these rides have tall height requirements so they can not be considered "family rides." Sky Screamer is 48" and for the bumper cars you need to be 54" to drive! This is a much taller requirement on bumper cars than I see anywhere else. It means that I STILL can't go on it with my kids who are 6 and 8. That's what was so great about RT...we all could ride together and it was so much fun
  5. Enjoy your last ride sfglocal! I rode RT last Sunday with my two older boys (8 and 6yrs old) 11 times in a row! I was very, very tearful--the ride operators thought I was insane. But it was the best memory that I have made yet on that ride so was a great way to say goodbye. Enjoy your last ride!
  6. Daved-- Wow...You said absolutely everything I am feeling in my heart. It is comforting to know that others completely understand. I too asked for John Fitzgerald all week and was given the disrespect of being sent to a voicemail every time I mentioned the words "Rolling Thunder" or "John Fitzgerald." I don't deserve that treatment after patronizing Great Adventure for 37 years! And I definitely did not deserve the bitchy attitude of Margaret--why they chose her to call me back I will never know. All I wanted is to talk with someone to express our collective opinion and to ask why this
  7. Dear Friends of ROLLING THUNDER, I am writing to thank you all for your support in signing our petition to keep Rolling Thunder rolling. Unfortunately it seems that we have lost the fight. While 500+ signatures is something I am very proud of, it really isn’t enough to convince Six Flags to change their mind about their crappy decision. If only we had more time…nonetheless I am happy that we tried. I tried to make phone contact with Six Flags all week—every time I mentioned the words “Rolling Thunder” I was either put on hold indefinitely, transferred to a generic voicemail or hung
  8. Sfgalocal--Thank you so much for doing that! This is wonderful! I am not going to sit around and worry about whether or not this is going to work. We've got three days--I'm just going to fight with all I have! Thank you for the support, folks
  9. Maybe you're right....BUT....as they say..."It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings"! I have to try or I will regret it forever. Thanks for your support folks
  10. Please sign this petition if you want Six Flags to keep Rolling Thunder instead of tearing it down to make a pathway! Please sign quickly--we only have 4 days! https://www.change.org/petitions/six-flags-great-adventure-keep-rolling-thunder-rolling
  11. Started a petition to save ROLLING THUNDER...if you are interested please take a minute to sign! Thank you! https://www.change.org/petitions/six-flags-great-adventure-keep-rolling-thunder-rolling
  12. I have a long history with Six Flags Great Adventure and Rolling Thunder in particular. Some of my fondest childhood memories were made at Great Adventure and now that I am grown some of my best times with my own family have been made there as well. Over 30 years of pure fun and smiles! I even remember the days before I was tall enough for Rolling Thunder. I remember riding “Lil’ Thunder” in the Kiddie Kingdom, staring at Rolling Thunder looming next to it and counting the days until I would be tall enough to finally ride it like my parents. I remember my first ride on Rolling Thunder—
  13. We did! My 6 and 8 yr old boys are devastated
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