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  1. That was an awesome layout drawn, also I'm glad to see old props being recycled and given new life! Lets hope. I can't wait for this new Coaster!
  2. I would rather see a discovery then a skywarp. The discovery is much more reliable and would definitely complement our ride lineup better. As far as metropolis goes, I would really love to see maybe a few smaller flats added like a tilt a whirl, wave swinger or even a disko. It would be awesome if they did something similar to 2012. However I honestly expect just one thrill ride. Maybe some shows would be awesome.
  3. I see a discovery maybe in freefalls old spot, I don’t see a new coaster coming just yet. As far as splash water oasis goes they just simply blocked it off and have it sbno. I’d love to see a rmc build a rolling thunder 2 similar to twisted colossus at magic mountain that would be an awesome addition... if we’re getting a coaster then We should of seen some sort of land clearing/tree removal by now. Hopefully soon.
  4. Ah I remember the days when loose articles weren't much of a problem because flip phones didn't really record videos like they do now. On the plus side, operations have been sped up tremendously since you no longer have to wait for people to put their stuff down.
  5. Does anyone know what SFNE did with their SWF water ride? Was it scraped?
  6. I just leave my phone in the car and bring in keys that hook onto my jeans and some cash and pass and never have any problems with attendants in front of the queues. But I know everyone's situation is different, I'm just too cheap lol.
  7. I wouldn't want to see any of our coasters removed, however I wouldn't mourn if they removed Green Lantern or The Dark Knight.
  8. My thoughts and condolences go out to the family. So sorry to hear this.
  9. I remember when ABC's video first went viral and I thought to myself whoa this thing looks insane. If anything it looks more disorienting than nauseating imo. Can't wait to try this one. Glad to see a unique addition to the parks line-up. As much as I would love to see a new coaster like everyone else, I think it's great that the park is building up their flat collection and ride count. I remember everyone complaining back in the mid 2000's how we desperately needed flats and now were finally getting them! (Long time poster here lol feeling old)
  10. I finally got to ride Zumanjaro today for the first time and WOW was it amazing! That view was incredible. Also, the ride was pretty much a walk on while other rides had some sort of wait. Enjoyed it very much. Waiting up at the top to fall with out any given warning is nerve wrecking in the most awesome way possible.
  11. I think Mardi Gras Would be perfect in the spring or summer. It would definitely be a nice event to check out during the year as long as its not during fright fest and Holiday in the park.
  12. With Cyborg Cyber Spin replacing the old Autobahn building, I would love to see a flat package in Movietown/ Metropolis with new Zamperla Endeaver (Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth) in the old Spinmiester spot and a Chance Freestyle (themed to Lex Luther?) in Musik Express's old pad. Also, Movietown could use a Wave Swinger (Gothom city Crimewave) where chiller's main element used to sit, a long with a Zamperla Giant Discovery( Riddler's Revenge) in Freefall's Old spot. ( One could dream can't he) I think a few flat's to fill in the remaining empty spots would be perfect for that section and woul
  13. I Would rather see flats go into Old country and rest of movie town and have a new coaster replace Looney tune Seaport and the land behind it. I feel a coaster would cram Old Country, IMO.
  14. Does he have a big following? Wouldn't be surpised if they booked him if he's a cheap gig. The big name celebs cost money. I would much rather see something like the magic show that they had in showcase in august the other season. I wonder if we'll see new shows in movietown with Justice League coming. Has the 2017 map and lineup been release yet?
  15. Bizarro debuted in 2009, but the ride was formerly Medusa which was built in 1999. Their both the same ride, they just repainted it and added some extra themeing and a whole new sign. Nitro opened in 2001. The website has an amazing spotlight section that has before and after pictures showing the difference. Btw I always have to google Bizarro because I always type Bizarro my self....it's offically my most mispelled word next to definately ..I mean definitely.
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