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  1. ^ I think that's possible given the price tag, likeliness of a launch(es), and possible ways to use that terrain, plus when I hear the name "Shot Rod" I think of a steel coaster for some reason. However, from a marketing standpoint having the world's first launched wooden coaster would be enticing.
  2. RC98

    PTR 6/19/15

    Wow, that's quite possibly the emptiest I've ever seen the park! I like what they did with the elephant, it seems like they've been putting a lot of detail work into the park this year. Did the Log Flume reopen while you were there? Hopefully it isn't closed too long.
  3. RC98

    Ohio June 2015

    It seems like a lot of your opinions of the coasters at KI are similar to mine from when I went 2 years ago. I also found the Bat (then Flight Deck) and Backlot Stunt Coaster to be surprisingly fun, and I liked Flight of Fear except for the midcourse brakes. I like Nitro more than Diamondback though. Although Diamondback has more airtime I found it sort of forceless. If you ever go back be sure to ride the Beast at night--it was one of the most memorable rides I've had on a coaster. Looking forward to your Cedar Point report!
  4. Although I only saw it in 3D, I agree since compared to other movies I've seen in 3D this one didn't seem to take advantage of it as much.
  5. I'm glad to see Twister finally open. It's one of the only rides in the park I haven't ridden yet but with it running this well I might finally give it a try! I'm also interested in seeing how Macho Nacho comes out.
  6. Just saw the movie! I'm not sure how I'd compare it to the original JP yet but I definitely liked it a lot!
  7. ^^ Pretty much what I was trying to say before. SF isn't going to spend the money on a coaster the caliber of Toro or Nitro right now so I'll gladly take a free spin as a new coaster if it's what we're able to get. I think my previous post was taken out of context, all I said was that the free spin looks fun and unique, I never said anything about preferring inversions to airtime.
  8. ^ I agree, to me the free spin actually looks really fun, and it would be even more so if we got the bigger 10 inversion model. It would also be a completely new experience for the park and it has a 48 inch height requirement, giving another thrill ride for those not tall enough for B&Ms.
  9. RC98


    I'm glad to see that Ka tested, hopefully it will open soon. Does anyone know what's going on with Twister?
  10. ^ Just to narrow it down even further... SF Over Texas, Fiesta Texas, Mexico, Magic Mountain, Great America, and New England already have RMC so they shouldn't be the one either. The Great Escape is a smaller family park that SF likely wouldn't spend the money on for a RMC. That leaves SF St. Louis, Discovery Kingdom, La Ronde, Over Georgia, and us. And out of all of those, we're the only park with early signs of construction. Just something to think about
  11. ^ I honestly don't understand the impression that our park is still appealing to limited audiences. The last time the park specifically appealed to the young thrill seeking demographic multiple years in a row was 2005-06. The additions of the past 5 years actually appeal to the wide range you're looking for. 2011-Green Lantern--replaced another coaster and didn't cost the park much to put in 2012-3 new family rides and a thrill flat with a low height requirement 2013-In park Safari experience-now there for families who wouldn't have spent the extra money to do it in the past 2014-Zumanjaro-thrill ride 2015-El Diablo-"in between" ride for families I'd say that's pretty balanced, our only real weakness for families now is our lack of shows.
  12. RC98

    PTR 5/21/15

    I noticed in the first picture that Zumanjaro and Twister are both still closed. Any word on why these have been closed for so long and when they will reopen?
  13. ^ I was actually going to post that, I was truly surprised at how good the ride is when I watched the video. It's not sure if it's Universal level but it's at least close to it. It would be a perfect addition for 2017!
  14. I'm not a fan of the Kia ads, but that mist is really cool! This ride has come out much better than I thought it would. Also the angle of the statue with the ride in the background makes for lots of great photos!
  15. ^ It was also "cursed" into being called a coaster! Anyway I'm impressed with the theming they're giving this ride. Before I wasn't even going to try it but between the location/name change, the ride itself looking bigger than I thought it would, and the cool theming I'll ride it. It's a much stronger addition to the park now. Also what's that about a sports bar?
  16. That sign for El Diablo is great! Even without shooting flames it still looks really cool!
  17. ^ I don't think it's going to be a launched wing rider but many of the early reviews of Thunderbird have actually been really good. Before the markings were found extending as far as they do I thought we would get a free spin where Chiller was but with all the sudden markings and the referencing to digging from a trip report I'm thinking it will be a RMC or a Premier launcher. EDIT: I just looked at Screamscape's newest update, and it references the launched wing rider rumor/speculation which sounds like it was plucked straight from here!
  18. Knowing the new rides Six Flags has put in recently when I saw the reference to digging the first thing I thought of was this: Goliath at SFGAm goes underground...signs of a new coaster? I'm looking forward to seeing more updates on this!
  19. I have to agree the Golden Kingdom was a great change for the park, it has some of the best theming in the whole SF chain and for what it's worth the experience of Ka's launch can't be felt on any other ride I've been on. For the park as it is today, I won't claim that it has no weaknesses but we do have a lot of great things, and the park has shown signs of improvement on some of the weaknesses based on the small changes made in the past couple of years and this year. To expect the park's environment to be how it was when it first opened given changing times and ownership is unrealistic.
  20. I love how they put in a new coaster the year after I finally get to go there Although this is no guarantee Screamscape claims it will be a Mack coaster. A custom layout from Mack with a ride experience like their other bigger coasters would be awesome!
  21. Has anything been said about an opening date for El Diablo? I like all the little improvements being made throughout the park, I also wonder what's going on with La Cocina and Granny's.
  22. I think I know a good amount of them so let's try this:
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