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  1. ^ I wouldn't say it's just those 4. Batman, even if a clone, is an intense ride I'd take any day, and Bizarro is a fun coaster too. Plus I tend to ride SkyScreamer every time I'm there, even if it's not that unique a ride it's still fun and no other park in the area has one. I get what you mean though and I think we'll get something bigger next year, hopefully either a coaster or the Justice League ride.
  2. ^ Can you give any more details on that? I'm curious now... Personally I'd love to see Disney make a top-notch Star Wars land with an attraction that could be a true counter to Universal's new technologies in rides (harry potter stuff, spiderman/transformers, etc.). Something groundbreaking and unique to Disney
  3. They're calling for 18-24 in northern NJ I think On another note MagicBands arrived today!
  4. ^Yes! I would go there-it certainly would have cool stuff to look at while you eat! Seeing this I had this crazy idea where each individual row from RT's old cars would be positioned in front of a table as a seat. Not sure how well it would work but it would be fun to eat in a coaster car
  5. ^ I agree exactly, all the additions of the past few years have pretty much been exactly what we were saying we wanted a few years ago when we had barely any flats. I predict that in the next 3 years 2016 will be the Justice League dark ride or a coaster and then 2018 will be the other one of the two. That sounds reasonable for a non-Magic Mountain SF park.
  6. ^ But I thought everything is awesome?! Anyway what was nominated then? The Lego Movie was my favorite animated film of the year.
  7. This name and theme is much better than "Looping Dragon", plus it gets rid of the RT dead end. Nice change Six Flags! Does this mean they have something else planned for GK? Hmmm...
  8. Great American Scream Machine, Chiller, Ultra Twister, Free Fall, and Rolling Thunder?
  9. That pic is really cool! I found it interesting to see Zumanjaro's path setup under Ka from above. Hopefully they start building Looping Dragon soon. I'd love to finally see a new ride open on opening day.
  10. ^ A sign of it happening next year? That seems like too many events to go to without considering it for themselves. Interesting... For the coasters, how do they run them on cold days early in the season? That could probably indicate which ones would run at an event like this.
  11. That's pretty much exactly how I feel about it. The park needs a "first" big coaster for people trying to get into coasters. A GCI woodie (maybe even dueling...I can dream right?) would be great.
  12. And Hanukkah is even closer! Just two more days! The holidays are a great time of year!
  13. What would happen to Fender Benders if Autobahn reopened? I like the sound of this idea though, anything to help that area of the park would be great! I think an air race and flyers would be a good pair of rides to put in.
  14. IMO the worst ads are the Takis ones at Skull Mountain and the Twix wrapping on Twister. Those two need to be either toned down or gotten rid of. Also the name Plymouth Rock Assurance Arena is ridiculous. Toning down the ads would make the park look better and make me actually care about the ads themselves.
  15. So does the park actually look at this list to decide some of the changes to make in the park? Or is it just coincidence? Either way it's cool that some of them come true So far the one I most want to see is the redo of Movietown. This day's one would be good too for when I'm eventually old enough to buy myself a season pass.
  16. When are you going? I'm going in February during President's Day week. Just over a week until FP+ reservations!
  17. A renovation of Movietown is by far what I want to see most now. I would put a multi launcher (either family friendly or more thrilling) where Chiller was and put an air race flat ride themed to stunt planes. I like the idea of a flat in the observatory too. Also don't forget a new show for the stunt arena, that could help with our lack of shows too.
  18. I have a physics worksheet that references the Flying Wave at Great Adventure. Interesting...
  19. The Swashbuckler is the worst since it actually has the blank space for a sign still there. Also isn't our Skyscreamer the only one without a sign? Since we're only getting Looping Dragon next year they should do some smaller things like this.
  20. I have used the arcade shortcut before too. I expected them to get rid of the building when they closed it, maybe removing it is one of those projects that was supposed to happen but never did (yet) like the kiddie train in Seaport?
  21. ^ I agree, when I rode it this past season they had all the light up props on, the strobe at the end on, and music blasting during the ride. I liked it a lot, but a few more details would be great to continue the theme.
  22. Great spotlight, I was looking forward to this! This was cool to see since Ka was constructed before I started liking coasters. With all the speculation that goes on for parks' future new rides I can only imagine the chatter among enthusiasts when Intamin strata track started arriving at the park!
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