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  1. Isn't it NJ's laws that prevent paths from going near the launch track? If so is that could be why Zumanjaro's queue goes so far away from the ride itself.
  2. I guess they still don't know when Zumanjaro will be opening? Hopefully it will be earlier rather than later in June.
  3. ^ "Mess" might be an understatement there, I'm just thankful that the ads on the midways aren't THAT bad anymore. Now about those train wraps...
  4. The Twixter? Nice play on words... although I don't usually like advertisements in the park that's actually pretty clever... would be definitely better than the usually unrelated junk ads scattered throughout the park.
  5. Wow that's just ridiculous. It seemed that they were finally starting to work out MyMagic+'s problems when this happens. Hopefully if there are enough complaints they will put standby back at those meet and greets.
  6. ^^ Now I'm wondering how they would do that, has anyone here ever seen a drop tower be evacuated? I think it would be an interesting sight...
  7. Yep so confident... until that point when halfway up seems like enough lol. I will do it whenever I get to go to the park though and I know I will enjoy it!
  8. ^ You're right, I found Stinger to be underrated fun the one time I rode it, of course it actually worked that time. With all these problems it's had I will probably think twice before riding it again. I just hope that the two people injured are ok.
  9. I have to admit the references to Goliath and Zumanjaro worry me a bit, the last thing we need is more advertising on rides.
  10. I wasn't referencing you when I made the above post FlumeOp1974 I was referencing this I was trying to say that I felt the post I quoted was unnecessarily calling out the park, that what happened in the past is done and that the new additions recently have been the most meaningful for the park in years since they provide memories for everyone rather than thrills for some, and the thrills they are adding add to the park's overall ride collection rather than being excess. I agree about what you said about the simple things in the theme park experience, that's why Disney is the most successfu
  11. ^^ What happened during the early-mid 2000s happened and is done and current management is just trying to fix the mistakes. Even if those rides were there before, the new ones are updated versions and they add a lot more life to that area of the park and filled up empty ride pads. IMO they were great additions. If I see actual reason to call out the park's actions I will do it (RT removal at the time, the Movietown section, etc.) but the past few years have had the most meaningful additions for the park since Plaza del Carnaval and I give them credit for that. Just my opinion, everyone
  12. True but they have been trying- 2012 saw 4 new flat rides, 2013 saw the unique update to the safari, and this year we are getting a drop tower which adds to our non-coaster thrill collection. However I do agree that Movietown/Old Country needs an update IMO that's the most needed thing in the park now.
  13. A midnight closing seems like it would be fun to be at- maybe if they're successful this year they can be done in the regular season too next year? It would be cool to stay in the park late on a summer night. Perhaps July 4 weekend maybe?
  14. I agree fix up the parts of the park that need it first- give Movietown a redo, reopen Old Country and put a new ride/coaster in the old RT spot. Then they can expand. If the park were to expand, I'd like to see something on the other side of the lake (but not intruding on Safari) and maybe behind the kiddie areas on the east side of the park heading towards Nitro.
  15. What do they think would go wrong if Ka and ZDOD ran at the same time? California allows Lex Luthor and Superman to run at the same time. Nothing's ever happened there. Edit: I thought he was saying that having random times they are synced is unlikely not that the rule is unlikely. That's what happens when I read too fast
  16. Are those RT trains still in the parking lot? However the news on the Fort cannons is great! Also it's cool to see that the new restaurant in Boardwalk is full service in a way.
  17. The new Sawmill Snacks stand is okay but the old Main Street stand looked much better than the new one IMO
  18. And Skull Mountain and Blackbeard's. We actually have a good family coaster collection but we don't really have a "gateway" thrill coaster anymore, which RT was. Now there isn't much in between RMT and a B&M.
  19. ^ Yes it is Dragon Challenge! Your turn
  20. Sorry no here's a hint: The dragon part was right...
  21. ^ What coaster is that? You actually found one I don't know! Coaster: DC
  22. Great White at Morey's Piers? That was my first "big" coaster.
  23. Wow 90 mph is fast! Since they're advertising the fact that Ka trains will launch at you, does anyone know if the tower is going to sway like Lex Luthor when the trains launch or did the new supports added to the tower eliminate that?
  24. There are still RT footers? I know it will seem vacant without RT there I just hope that a new coaster goes there for 2015 to fill the void.
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