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  1. Out of my 3 rides on it my ride on green side first up the lift had the most spinning, but that was on the passholder preview day before the modifications. I'd have to ride it there again to see if it's still the best.
  2. If we ever get a decent length RMC it would match up well with the Premier era rides IMO. To me it seems like SF is trying to round out its parks each year. A lot of SF parks are short on flat rides and dark rides so they've been adding a lot of them recently, once it's time for a park to get a coaster again one will be put in.
  3. Sounds like you had a great day! That Toro marathon sounds awesome lol Joker's green side has at least 2 guaranteed flips and has more spin fins on the lift, you'll probably like it better
  4. I got to go to Knoebels a few years ago but only had time to ride the main coasters before leaving, I'd like to get back again to try some of the other rides. Even though I've only gotten one ride on Phoenix it's still one of my favorite coasters, it felt like I was in a near standing position multiple times from the airtime with such minimal restraints.
  5. I think another water ride in general would be nice, the Flume and Congo Rapids are fine but there aren't any other water attractions for anybody other than young children. That launched shuttle water coaster would fit nicely and could probably be marketed as a coaster.
  6. ^^ After looking it up the JL ride at SFOT has a minimum height restriction of 42 inches, not sure what Toy Story's is.
  7. ^ Maybe you could try to get to know him a little better? Then you could have more to talk about? IMO you're lucky pretty much everyone I know is afraid of coasters lol
  8. Since there was a Skull Mountain original queue spotlight, I'd be interested in a Kingda Ka original queue spotlight. You can still see where it used to extend when you turn to enter the switchbacks and I've always been curious about how it used to be.
  9. Just curious, which seat were you on for the Sea Serpent? Last year I rode a few times in the first car and actually didn't get much headbanging.
  10. ^ I wouldn't mind it, especially if the giant frisbee was put in as one of the rides. I'd still prefer that a coaster eventually go in Chiller's spot though.
  11. ^^ It's funny, as long as either Ka or Zum opens with the park I actually do the complete opposite. I do Ka, Zum, and Toro first since they all tend to break down the most and I want to make sure I ride them while they're open. To me Nitro, Batman, and Skull are good rides to do later since they're all pretty reliable and have fast moving lines in my experience. I agree about Boardwalk though
  12. ^ How much more did it spin before the incident? Out of my two rides (both on the green side) one was really good and the other stayed pretty much upright aside from two inversions.
  13. Glad your eyesight is doing better! I'm curious about what will be shown on the "Joker cam" screen. It would be cool if it's something unique to the ride and not the typical "Six Flags TV" programming.
  14. RC98


    I started off by going straight to El Toro and rode it 4 times, twice without leaving the station and twice with a one train wait. On my last ride the Flash Pass attendant in the queue line noticed and asked me in disbelief if it really was my fourth time riding already lol. At this point the park app said Ka and Zum were both closed so I rode El Diablo since I hadn’t been on it yet this year. It had a one cycle wait and was a bit better than I remembered, maybe because I rode in an end seat. Next, I checked the lines for Superman and Green Lantern but they were both too long, so I
  15. ^ Agreed, I find the train wraps and huge signs to be a big turn-off, even if the park doesn't see them as excessive. The statement about "quality over quantity" seems like some kind of joke given the ads in our park.
  16. ^ I hope it's less crowded tomorrow while I'm there. I'm wondering what was up with that state trooper helicopter, seeing that would scare me too. Was security that tight during past media days?
  17. There's a smaller location of the Funplex in East Hanover about 10 minutes away from me that got that slide tower this past year. I haven't ridden the slides yet but they look pretty good.
  18. Joker's looking good! Looking forward to checking it out soon. Will there be a trip report of your time at Cedar Point?
  19. I do some version of the "grand circle tour" most of the time, starting at Ka and going around to the rest of the park.
  20. Nice, my school has off Friday the 27th so I could head up to the park for the passholder preview day. Looking forward to riding!
  21. A carnival came to my town a couple of weeks ago with similar questionable safety. It confuses me that the same state that won't let Ka and Zumanjaro run together allows unsafe rides like these to operate without a problem. Wouldn't the state inspect each ride at the carnival before allowing it to run? That Intamin traveling coaster actually looks really good, it's a shame it doesn't run anymore. I would love to see a portable coaster like Olympia Looping in the US.
  22. Wow it looks like they actually put fins to rock the seats on the lift. Interesting... I like that each side flips at different times in the second half, personally the purple side seems cooler flipping down the second drop but it'll be fun trying out both sides.
  23. I've only really been around for the current rides in the park but out of those I think the most overrated is Superman. It's a pretty short ride that doesn't do much after the pretzel loop, it's just popular for the flying gimmick. For me the most underrated would be Skyscreamer. I always have a lot of fun on it and try to ride it most of my visits to the park but I rarely hear about it anywhere.
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