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  1. The State of the Park Going Forward

    Using Hershey as an example.... What is that height measured from? The ground the coaster is actually built on or the lowest point in the park? That could work to their advantage in some cases I guess. The drop tower being at the top of a hill makes it seem higher than it really is when your up at the top
  2. The State of the Park Going Forward

    just add it, get the ride count up lol Every time I have gone to ride the Wonder wheel it was closed so I gave up lol
  3. The State of the Park Going Forward

    I wouldn't scrap the big wheel, its a nice relaxing ride. not to mention the views are great
  4. The State of the Park Going Forward

    If money was? no object Id pay Cedar Fair to buy the park lol they could use a nice big north east coast presence
  5. Hersheypark, 9/16/17

    Nice report seems like you made a good call by going to the park even though it was a sat. I agree with all your comments about Wildcat and Comet. I still say Wildcat during Candy Lane is like a different ride vs riding it in the summer. its so much smoother in the cold weather. I wish Comet was open for the winter event as well. Laff Trax, I cant understand why the ride is ALWAYS so long. The last time I went in July on a Friday was the shortest line I have waited. The outside line was till 3/4 full at that point. I just don't know why it takes so long, is it that popular? I cant say its because of dispatch because they seem to be on the ball with that.
  6. Its a seat belt.... I never heard of a properly secured seat bely coming in clicked she probably didn't push it in far enough to have it "click" in the first place. And if its true the ride op never checked, 1-shame on him and 2- there would be no way of knowing it was secured or not in the first place. Looks like someone is just trying to make a buck
  7. Misc GA Mumblings

    sad regardless
  8. Misc GA Mumblings

    Not that I want to harp on this but but they keep saying "lift truck" like a fork lift? and the forks hit him? I cant imagine any other scenario. If he was just hit hit by a truck and I cant see how a truck could be traveling that fast in the park as to cause a death
  9. Kennywood Removing Log Jammer

    I like Dorney Parks log flume
  10. Yeah Batman is more of a bad ass and has cool cars lol
  11. Lost features on rides

    I really miss all the props from the Batman ride and miss the black paint
  12. Worker killed?

    Surprised nothing has been posted about this. Screamscape stated a work was killed over the weekend while stringing lights. Was hit by a "lift truck" air lifted to a local hospital and later passed away
  13. That coaster at SFFT ic no where close to being capable of handling our crowds
  14. El Toro wins Best Wooden Coaster Golden Ticket 2017

    Yeah and was 13 in 2006! lol
  15. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Too bad hoodies weather last all of just about week these days lmao