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  1. mowgod

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    American music hall?
  2. mowgod

    Share your trip reports!

    Well just got home from GA and had a wonderfull trip although the whole season pass thing is a little weird with the whole finger print thing but other then that it was great got to ride skull moutain with my 8 year old daughter for her first time and the runaway train with my 7 year old daughter for her first time and m y 3 year old son was upset he could not ride yet but i wish i could have taken the girls on rolling thunder for there first coster at least the runaway train is still there
  3. mowgod

    Dr Fright's Final Freakout Show

    I can rember that I was there for one of those shows. They were great. Hope they do something like that again as I am a season pass holder again. 99 was the last time I was.
  4. mowgod

    When does a wooden coaster become steel?

    defently a steel coster