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  1. Yes. I refused to believe it was gone lol. Opening day 2004 was a very tragic day for me. First I ran to pendulum to find out it was gone. Then I went to go ride Jumping Jack Flash....and it was gone too! I'm still upset. :scream:



  2. Pendulum was my favorite ride at the park when it was there, and I still haven't gotten over the fact that its not there. (No joke in 2004 I used to walk over there hoping it would magically reappear) :(

  3. I rode Laser yesterday 7 times. And I was on the last train out.


    ...I was also on the last train out...and the last person to leave the ride (of course, after hugging my seat and every support I could :P )


    What a coincidence! I was also on the last train out! (And I made out with a support)


    Speaking of 7 times....yesterday we rode scream machine 7 times in a row and on the 7th ride WE WERE STUCK AT THE BASE OF THE LIFT FOR 10 MINUTES AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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