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  1. i only need to ride 6 more coasters for my coaster count to top 200 :D
  2. I hope they do refurbish the carousel eventually. It could use a new paint job. Sort of off topic, but the pictures on the carousel panels are not very family friendly if you take the time to look at them. Its -worthy
  3. chicken noodle soup! air conditioning or hair conditioning
  4. my temporary top 10: 10. Great American Scream Machine (GADV) 9. Steel Force (Dorney Park) 8. Voodoo (Dorney Park) 7. Volcano: The Blast Coaster (Kings Dominion) 6. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) 5. Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens) 4. Jack Rabbit (Kennywood) 3. Griffon (Busch Gardens) 2. El Toro (GADV) 1. Magnum XL 200 (Cedar Point)
  5. interesting but difficult chinese food or mexican food
  6. I don't think they have grounds to sue on, but if I had traveled for hours to find the park closed I would be highly annoyed. Is calling a lawyer extreme? Yes. But I do believe they deserve some kind of compensation.
  7. While it would be cool to have a tunnel, I was under the impression tunnels on coasters weren't allowed in NJ
  8. I found this article in the newspaper! Way Cool
  9. okays who messed with my account? Whoever did it switch it back because i'm too lazy to do it myself
  10. Me? I would never do such a thing! Its not my fault Dainan Rafferty has a shrine to the jonas brothers in his underwear drawer
  11. Ok im going to start a petition! This petition will be demanding that SFGA gets an arrow launched loop. we will call it the Thunder Loop and the loop itself will be directly behind the fountain so you walk into GA, see a fountain and an ugly loop. It would look totally rediculous but it would be so incredibly awesome. Then due to popular demand, they wil knock down El Toro and put back Viper! Furthermore, all of the rides in Wiggles world will be removed and replaced by a Vekoma SLC, a Vekoma Boomerang, a Chance Inverter, and an RCCA woodie. It will then be renamed Wiggle in Pain World! h
  12. Is Momma Flora's the combination of the new and old building? Because there is also an unused food stand behind the gate over there that I remember seeing when I worked at the park and I want to know if its related.
  13. Sad video r sad...i miss Mr. Toad's and River Country. And Body Wars was pretty sweet as well.
  14. Omg Waldameer! For the record: I knew we were going the wrong way i just wanted to drive under the bridge lol O and you forgot to mention that the crazy smoking guy in line for ravine flyer also asked us if we liked his new pants that were worn down his ass
  15. Clementon was a big disappointment, but hellcat/j2/tsunami/puma/ravine flyer 4 was pretty decent. Rolling Thunder = :wub: :wub: Batman was also running wonderfully, and overall it happened to be a fun day. Especially because me and CycloneMan watched the Cheetah Girls in the morning! (it was absolutely terrible lol)
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