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  1. Penguins are so adorable! I saw them at the aquarium and I fell in love wif them.
  2. I was supposed to be in the game show fear factor thing...but I was like hells no and made my boyfriend do it. he ate the bull testicle
  3. today is the 10 year anniversary of me moving to NJ....eww.
  4. Its been almost a whole week since the last time I was at GA!
  5. So anyway, I realized I have sucked myself into a black hole in the form of spider solitaire. I have spent countless hours playing and STILL haven't won. And it suddenly occurred to me how depressing my situation actually is. I keep losing but who am I losing to? Me. When you win the game, who actually wins? No one. Therefore its an endless cycle of me losing or winning to myself. And this is why spider solitaire is the devil.
  6. Whoo hoo! That area of the park is rather dead, especially now that its a dead end.
  7. I went to Hurricane Harbor today and someone pooped in the wave pool
  8. I'm going to Hurricane Harbor and am actually mildly excited!
  9. From what I have heard the bridge is closed due to structural damage.
  10. I actually found an anime I can tolerate! Its called Puni Puni Poemy and its so ridiculous that its awesome!
  11. Oh my gosh... They actually fixed the 3-D - the plot is still terrible but at least its more enjoyable to watch
  12. According to my sources, the bridge actually broke due to a large truck driving over it
  13. Where exactly is this VIP seating? Personally I don't think VIP seating is actually necessary since there are plenty of places to get a good view of the parade, however it might be worth it for the glow item and the sundae.
  14. I have the 2005 and 2006 employee yearbooks...if they help at all let me know
  15. Happy Brfday!!! Here's an elephant for you to share:
  16. Whats that supposed to mean?! anyways... omg I found the best smiley EVER.
  17. I know in its last years of operation it was rarely open
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