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  1. LAZYTOWN SPORTACOPTERS <3 Son of Beast was terrible and I loved every second of it
  2. Is it just me, or did BBLTT only go around once up until recently? Also I noticed the train is 3 cars shorter this year. I conned my friend into riding it today because I convinced her there were hidden underground tunnels and that the ride was scarier than Rolling Thunder Truth is though the spotlight made me in the mood to ride it
  3. Its some foreign coaster...I didn't catch where though
  4. Oh man ...... They added more advertising to the ride...now there's giant Joker Verizon V-cast posters. This wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that one of the posters in the pre-show room actually ruins the illusion of the graffiti because it is now projected onto the poster instead of the wall. I was really disappointed that they couldn't put the poster in a better spot that didn't ruin the theming. Additionally, when I rode it today the car was making terrible noises and vibrating the entire ride. We later asked a supervisor who explained that they were tes
  5. From what I heard she was able to hold on until the loop which is where she fell. Somewhere on Youtube there is a video showing news reports from the accident but I don't feel like finding it
  6. later Movietown Water Effect or The Dark Knight
  7. Because Chiller Racing took so much power that it blew out the rest of the park
  8. What's really funny is I was at the park on both Tuesday and Wednesday and half of the stuff in the update wasn't there. Apparently Thursday was the lucky day for new things. I'm gonna be there today though (again) and hopefully they're still giving out Fanta samples
  9. Not saying it.... Anyway I kinda miss the Old Country music. Sure it was extremely annoying but at least it was themed. However, I think they should play more actual music throughout the park. Instead of playing mediocre music that fits no theming the park might as well play pop music that most people would actually enjoy.
  10. To answer your rainbow logo question... Main Street Market is filled with old park pictures, some of them featuring the rainbow. Also not sure if its still there but Daredevil Dive's display case used to display the rainbow logo
  11. Leave me alone I'm slow I noticed it I just didn't notice that it tied into the movie
  12. I rode Dark Knight again after seeing the movie twice and I noticed
  13. I liked Viper! I don't actually think I have a least favorite because I have a bad habit of enjoying terrible rides (I thought Fly Me To the Moon was so bad that it was absolutely hysterical)
  14. I've heard similar rumors about why we don't have a Superman but that seems a little ridiculous to me. All super heroes are supposed to have super strength and whats to say someone won't do something equally as stupid with Batman or Wonder Woman? To think that they would get rid of Superman because of one incident in a park across the country seems extremely unlikely.
  15. I would assume Fly Me to the Moon is a temporary attraction for this year to promote the movie. Next year they will probably replace it with either another promotional film for a movie or a new character based film.
  16. How about a spotlight on the Superman Krypton Coaster?
  17. The less water rides in the theme park the more money the park can make off of Hurricane Harbor. It sucks but thats business for ya.
  18. YES! Greatest video ever! I went to GA today (for the 3rd time in the span of a week) and got caught in the rain. There was tons of lightning and it was actually really pretty and awesome
  19. Walter may pretend to hate it but secretly he loves Great Adventure as much as the rest of us....
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