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  1. RunawayArrow

    Photo TR: Kennywood, Kings Island, and Cedar Point

    Ill stay far away from TPR I don't need harassed...
  2. RunawayArrow

    Characters in the park

    i remember not long ago they even had a joker character I think they just took the easy way out with only looney tunes but I herd they want to add more photo areas like at holiday in the park
  3. RunawayArrow

    Paving the parking lot

    no i wonder if the whole thing is getting repaved because the perfered lot isnt that bad ??
  4. RunawayArrow

    Six Flags Additions for 2017

    My geuss is America will have Roar get the rmc treatment like Joker it would make alot of sense seeing they already have the design
  5. RunawayArrow

    Harley Quinn Crazy Train Runs Amok in 2016

    wow this is a dumb argument Black Beard is a roller coaster! and what bugs bunny ride do you mean, road runners railway ? That's a coaster too.
  6. RunawayArrow

    Harley Quinn Crazy Train Runs Amok in 2016

    Black Beard is by no means a coaster strictly for kids I rode the same coaster a SF discovery kingdom and it was full of adults. But I am glad to see its getting a update to match joker. I hope to see some theming like a Harley Quinn figure
  7. RunawayArrow

    2017 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Six flags over Texas already has a coaster named Titan so it seems weird they would get trademarked now?
  8. RunawayArrow

    Spotlight Requests

    ok so I'm being serious with this one I think Roger the Magical Security Guard needs a spot light. Anyone that follows the park probably came in contact with him at one point he did his tricks many time for my family and id like to know more bout him.
  9. RunawayArrow

    Twisted Mayhem of THE JOKER Unleashed

    I'm not sure if this was approved by six flags but it is a pretty cool drone fly over
  10. RunawayArrow

    2017 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I don't think anything is happening to the dark knight because of licensing but I could see Skull Mountain get redone with more glow decorations and get rebranded to The Curse of Skull Mountain of coarse I cant see it happening to it with the amount of other thing the park would rather do but its a realistic idea!
  11. RunawayArrow

    2017 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I just saw Six Flags Over Texas is introducing Virtual Reality head sets on Shockwave I wonder if we'd ever see this at our park?
  12. RunawayArrow

    2017 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    i think its very likey we see Blackbeard turn into Harley Quinn it wouldn't surprise me if we get a new section themed to villains with fantasy fling getting renamed even. I think this because of the Blackbread rumor along with the new Villains Café indicting more then just the joker.
  13. RunawayArrow

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I really don't think this is a question you should be asking on here its irrelevant!
  14. RunawayArrow

    New 2016 Dining/Plan Features & Guide

    when are they going to announce Chop 6 replacing panda express !
  15. RunawayArrow

    Twisted Mayhem of THE JOKER Unleashed

    Id like to see how Black Beard is doing I hear its getting a retheme to Harley Quinn ! If what I herd is true I could see a possibly section redo!