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  1. I'll ride Diablo at least once but I've been legitimately excited for Namtab since the rumours started way back about us getting it.
  2. Hey guys need a little bit of help/advice about my season passes and didn't know where els to post on here. Trying to make this as short and to-the-point as possible but it won't be easy. I have plans in place to go up with a buddy to Coasters After Dark next Friday but I haven't been to the park yet this season and therefore I have yet to process my pass (for whats its worth: they are Gold Passes w/ parking, were purchased in early Dec during their black friday deal and parking is on the same voucher as the passes are on). I am pretty sure I have read here and elsewhere that if I paid for
  3. IMO the most likely scenario is getting a custom RMC hybrid, hopefully in the Movietown/Old Country section near Nitro/Batman. Yes, I know we have Toro, and an RMC would be a generally similar experience (an extreme woodie), but Six Flags has been all about the RMCs the last few years, so I think its only a matter of time before we get one, which I'm fine with. I have yet to ride one but all of them look amazing in their own ways, I hear they are great, and they seem to be relatively cheap when compared to a new, custom B&M. I agree with whoever posted that GAdv may have been on the li
  4. I, for one, am stoked for this ride. I loved riding the Flyers at Hershey and SFA this summer, I think this will round out a really nice collection of flats, probably the best of all the regional parks around here (Hershey is a close second but without something like a drop tower or Screaming Swing most of thier flats are for the little ones). Morey's is also getting Flyers next year on Surfside pier where the Condor used to be.
  5. Damn, I forgot about Houdini. Did that a few times this year. I don't necessarily *like* the ride, but its fun to take people on for their first ride and not tell them anything about it.
  6. Ahhhh didn't realize that, makes sense then. We went opening day this year (a Saturday) and I didn't think crowds were too bad considering it was such gorgeous weather. We didn't do a FP and the longest we waited for anything was 20 minutes.
  7. I agree that Skyrush is a bit short but its intensity makes up for that. IMO it feels like it should end when it does. Also the fact that the lift is 17mph contributes to the brevity, there is none of that slow building anticipation you get with something like Nitro or ROS. Still, compare it to Kingda Ka which is 20-some seconds from launch to break. edit: Personally, I think what I would most want SFGAdv to get for their next coaster would be an Intamin hyper/giga/megalite (or RMC hybrid). I know its unlikely we'll get another Intamin, but so far out of all the Intamin's I've ridden they
  8. Oh yeah Ive ridden the Log Flume a few times this year and did Rapids way back when so those too.
  9. Is this official? Seems weird opening day would be on a Friday. *considers notifying boss of vacation day*
  10. Agreed. While the helices suck out a lot of the energy, I enjoyed Superman @ SFA. Good first drop, love that fast first turn, and great airtime on the hills toward the end. We went this year on a dead day and I was able to ride 12xs throughout the day. Batwing I did once and I hated it. Awful restraints and that horrible flip into the drop. A lot of people seem to love it, including folks I was with but its just not for me I guess. Speaking of hypers, Skyrush is my favorite coaster (after El Toro of course) and the most insanely intense coaster I have ever been on. Was able to ride it 4xs
  11. Ive ridden all of the coasters (except Road Runner Railway) and almost none of the flats except Zumanjaro, Buckaneer and Sky Screamer. None of the upcharges. Trying really hard to think of anything else I've done but I think that's it. Buckaneer only because someone dragged me on. I go for the coasters. I haven't even done the safari, unless you count as a kid in my Dad's stationwagon. I won't step foot near Twister, I hate those things. edit: Skyway counts as a flat, no? Done that a bunch.
  12. In 2013 I went once, the first time since the early 90s. I live in Philly, almost an hour from the park and have no car. Still, I purchased a season pass this year hoping I would make it up at least 2-3 times to cover the cost of the pass. Utilizing the bring-a-friend days I managed to get up to the park an amazing 10 times (and SFA once, Morey's 5xs, Hershey once and Dorney once) in 2014. I haven't posted any trip reports here but I posted about all my trips this year on my blog if you want to check it (link in sig).
  13. boldikus


    Always like reading your reports, Yoshi.
  14. So myself and some amigos were planning on going to the ACE/Fairgrounds private event jawn this Saturday night @ the park but according to every forecast I can find its gonna thunderstorm all night so thats out. Curious if you guys think this Sunday morning would be a quiet time to hit up the park? I am majorly itching for some Toro. I know its a bring-a-friend-free day BUT with it being after Labor Day and school back in session, and an Eagles game @ 1 on Sunday I thought it might be quiet. Anyone have any experience doing Sept sundays in the past? Should I not bother? Id like to avoid spen
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