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  1. Stupid question, but I can't find a clear answer anywhere about the Safari open months. Am I correct in assuming it is already closed for the season?
  2. Going to fright fest tonight as I have to renew my season pass. What is the latest I can show up and get in, anybody know for sure? Probably going to get there around 7:30 - 8. Was hoping to use the friend pass as well.
  3. It's just ridiculous when you purposely bring buttoned/ zippered shorts to avoid this and be responsible, but you still get hammered. Also it has to be rough for the workers dealing with the angry mobs forming outside each ride line.
  4. Jokers line was cut in half today by turning away every single rider. I get the business strategy of charging for lockers but it's getting insane.
  5. A good dive coaster takes a lot of work as well. For example, sheikra was awesome because of the extensive scenery. However, Valravn at cedar point was disappointing and a waste of time waiting in line for compared to a lot of the other rides.
  6. I'd prefer our B&M's stay like they are and we refrain from adding another for a while. They're all pretty good but we don't need rides like a dive machine or a wingrider as they don't add anything to the coaster collection. After flats being added to round out the park, I'd really love to see an rmc or a bliyz coaster at some point.
  7. Ok idk if anybody mentioned it, but what's happening to the justice league gift shop? Are they just going to have 2 hall of Justice buildings or change it up a bit I wonder.
  8. Whether or not it's the best dark ride, it is a really good addition. Though I can't help but feel it's going to be disappointing a few years down the road when nothing is working like on the dark knight.
  9. I have to lost a revue of my day. Not a bad day, but could have been a lot better.I'll just say that Maverick was one of the best, well rounded coasters I have ever been on.
  10. Alright so I'll be there Saturday and the weather is supposed to be amazing. That could be good for the day but bad for lines. Either way, I've heard it's best to start from the back. Anybody have an idea for a ride path I should follow?
  11. I wouldn't doubt that at some point in the future flats are added to the area to bring more of a DC coherence. Something like Over Texas's flat package with the same DC names. Honestly, JLBFM is a great addition whether I personally care for the ride or not. It would have a lot of potential if they polished it up a bit compared to the others, but most park visitors won't really care so it wouldn't be necessary.
  12. I plan on being there from the minute it opens to the minute it closes so hopefully at night there will be time to take advantage of shorter lines. Edit: Wow Cedar Point is open until 12:00.
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