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  1. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    No RMC's. tired of everyone wanting one. But knowing how Six Flags in general are such a cookie-cutter theme park, they will put one in. I don't get the big deal over them. Personally, i'd rather have an aqua coaster at Hurricane Harbor. . We all know that Hurricane Harbor needs a new addition that isn't just a kiddie attraction (i have nothing against the kids area).. Maybe they can clean up HH and get people to watch over the lines too (way too many line cutters.. I've been threatened many times and almost punched when i said something)
  2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg VTR 04/14/18

    awesome video!!
  3. Miscellaneous GAH Notes

    so sorry for you loss
  4. Please keep Batman and Green Lantern.. THOSE are my go to coasters!!! And yes, I'm one of the few who love going on Green Lantern.
  5. Fright Fest 2017

    I went through it twice this year (in between Dead Man's Party shows)...it wasn't the greatest haunt. I walked out not scared both times.
  6. Bowcraft Amusement Park 4/13/17

    I went to Bowcraft a lot when I was little during the 80s. It was a good park back then. Haven't been back since the late 80s when I started going to both Great Adventure and Dorney Park
  7. Day 20- Improve the Concert Series Lineup

    I was ready to buy my ticket for the 98 Degrees/OTown/Dream concert for this past summer.. but they cancelled completely. I was bummed out because i was really looking forward to it.. Now all we get are Disney people.
  8. And the highers up at Great Adventure have no plans on making Panda Express part of the dining pass. Question asked at ACE's Winter Adventure event and even the new president said it wasn't happening
  9. 11/26/16

    I went on Green Lantern opening night of Holiday in the Park and had no headbanging either. It was a pretty good ride and ran smoothly. My friend and I both agreed it was better that night than all the times we went on during the summertime.
  10. Casino Pier 2017

    I'm looking forward to this new coaster too (I'm right over the bridge in Toms River) ! I'm hoping it's either like The Monster or Impulse. Hopefully we'll find out soon.
  11. Whos from NJ?

    I'm from Toms River.. about 25 minutes east from GA
  12. 2016 - The 25th season of Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure

    You aren't alone. The few times I went to the Blood Shed terror trail, it was horrible. There was hardly anybody in there to scare the people. I walked basically through a corn maze and out thinking "Where was everyone?". I went in another time.. Same thing. I only really liked Big Top Terror 3D terror trail. I went through that at least 10 times during the whole FF.
  13. Misc GA Mumblings

    It might be left from the weekend. A few of the local radio stations (B98.5, Thunder 106 and Fun 107.1) were doing some charity thing at the park.. They might've forgotten to take the signs down. Each radio station were a different comic book person. One was Batman and one was the Joker.
  14. New 2016 Dining/Plan Features & Guide

    All I know is that this is the second year I've had the season dining pass...and the choices look better than last year. I like a lot of the different snack options and even the lunch/dinner options are better. Thankfully they took off all of the darn upcharge items, because that was annoying at Johnny Rockets & other locations. I'm excited over the Fried Oreos, Rita's and the Nacho Chips & Cheese being part of the snacks. Those will def. be useful when I'm not that hungry but just want a small nibble of something. And thank goodness we are getting more freestyle machines. I get annoyed at all the people who don't know how to use it, as more food vendors on the outside use them nowadays.
  15. I like the red better. Makes it stand out more.