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    I went that day as well, first trip of the season for me. Entry line for passholders at 10:30 was ridiculous and they had a bunch of lanes closed. As usual some people didn't know what they were doing, stopping the entire line and annoying everyone. There was no line for day tickets or for unprocessed pass vouchers. When I finally got in at 10:45, I decided to start on the right side of the park. Nitro was closed with a big line of people outside the queue and a maintenance worker on the lift hill. Decided to try Batman and it was closed too. Terrible management to not open all the entr
  2. TDK has a theme license with DC comics, so the part cannot alter its theme in any way. Of the rides currently open, only Nitro and Skull Mountain could get Christmas themes.
  3. My top 5 is as follows. 5. Kingda Ka 4. Batman 3. Bizarro 2. El Toro 1. Nitro I'd have KK as #3 if it didn't break down so damn much. I've been to the park 3 times this year and two of the times it opened late and had a giant line by the time it actually opened. Not a fan of Zumanjaro. The ride itself is fine, but it cut KK's capacity by 1/3rd and rendered it out of commission for almost half a season. It also replaced a ride that was better than it is (Rolling Thunder). Here's what would have been the ideal thing to do. Have GCI completely retrack Rolling Thunder
  4. So the outdoor coasters open will be Nitro, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern. Of these, there are two good ones: Nitro and Batman; one okay one: Green Lantern; and one sucky one: Superman. It's a given that Skull Mountain and TDK will be open since they're indoors. I wonder what would happen in the event of snow. How does this affect the coasters ability to safely operate? I imagine cold weather isn't an issue, but ice/snow could easily cause one to valley.
  5. The 4th train is currently sitting on the storage tracks near the launch area. They were doing a great job of getting the trains out and launched on Sunday. They really need to find out a way to get Zumanjaro and KK to run independently of each other. It would bring KK back to it's original capacity.
  6. The last thing GA needs in an RMC wood coaster, it would be just like El Toro and still not a traditional wooden coaster. If they get another wood coaster, it will be from GCI and be more on par with the thrill level of Mine Train rather than the thrill level of El Toro. What I think would be cool is to see something like Chiller built by Intamin in Chiller's old spot. After having Chiller be down more than it was running, Premier should not be building it. We do have 5 B&M coasters, but if B&M develops it, wouldn't it be great to have an X2 style 4D that is the length of Cedar
  7. I was there yesterday and never had more than a station wait for anything. Even Kingda Ka was a station wait when I rode it although it might've lined up into the first switchback later. Got there at open and left at 2 not because of crowds, but because I had gone on enough rides for my liking. Traffic was fine leaving as well. I rode Kingda Ka, Bizarro, Green Lantern, and the Sky Ride once and Nitro and El Toro twice.
  8. I'm hoping that they decide to run all the major coasters during this. I did see the map though and I don't think there are any special themed areas out as far as El Toro, Kingda Ka, Mine Train, and Bizarro. Superman, Green Lantern, Nitro, and Batman are all within the special HITP themed areas. Skull Mountain and Dark Knight will probably see quite a bit of ridership because they're indoors.
  9. I think that all amusement parks/waterparks need to do whatever is possible to make the lines move fast. Also, HH should do away with Flash Pass for good. All it does is create a class distinction and even longer lines for guests who don't buy it, and it doesn't really speed up the lines for those who do. The fact that they continue to sell them shows that Flash Pass at Hurricane Harbor is nothing but a wallet cleaning device. It speeds up the rate at which your wallet is cleaned, but doesn't improve the Ride to Wait ratio or RW ratio which at HH is already tipped way more toward the W tha
  10. Pathetic, simply pathetic. Shouldn't the purpose of a waterpark be to create an enjoyable experience for guests and not to clean out their wallets in any way, shape, or form possible? I mean offer flash pass if you must, but at least have enough tubes and staff so the rides can operate at a decent capacity. The whole tube rental thing is nothing but a way to clean people's wallets. There's no excuse for not buying enough inner tubes. One can buy a single inner tube for about 10 dollars. Waterparks buy in bulk, so the unit cost is probably a lot less. Clearly the lack of tubes at SFHHNJ
  11. If having the trains sit on the brake run is bad, then run one train when it gets cold so there is no stacking. What coasters are supposed to be open during holiday in the park?
  12. The heated water is great early season. I don't know if it would be a good thing on a 90 degree day when you're trying to cool off though. Action Park's water isn't heated at all and can be brutally cold since most of the park is shaded. Early season and on colder days, it can be almost unbearable for many, but on a hot day, it is super refreshing. I like it the way it is now.
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