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  1. Just out of curiosity, that wide paved path (to the right of the Looney Tunes Seaport entrance and to the left of Congo Rapids; that was used for that Apocalypse walkthrough during FF), what did that used to lead too? Was it Koala Canyon?
  2. Hmm I must've not noticed. That's kinda dumb though. That makes a lot of sense, although I don't agree with that either. Fright Fest used to be much better. I will say though last year I got lucky and managed to get free maze passes from someone I know and the mazes have gotten better over the years for sure. But this year I didn't get that luxury, nor did I feel like paying for it, but at least that's something that's getting better.
  3. I went last night as well^ Lines were insane for a friday, and decorations of the park definitely seem lacking especially the fountain and main entrance area which usually has way more props. I did notice many more scare actors for the themed areas, I did not go on the trails though. And what's with Bone Butcher ? Why is there no sign for it like every year?
  4. Unfortunately the SeaWorld Entertainment parks really killed it this year, it may be tough to beat them. Kings Island's Giga doesn't actually look that impressive, so I'm gonna say if anything it's between SeaWorld's additions between all their affiliated parks, most likely the RMC Gwazi at BG Tampa..... however if the airtime on Jersey Devil is as crazy as we all assume, I think it may have a shot! We just gotta wait and see.....
  5. I almost always forgot those existed, the only times I'd even remember is during Fright Fest when I would do the apocalypse trail or whatever it was and walk past them and I'd be like "oh yeah these bathrooms" lmao. I'm sure they'll be kept for JD and if not then whatever.
  6. Yes! I've been hoping for a family or moderate GCI for years. I recently rode InvadR at Busch Gardens which is a family GCI and it really is a lot of fun, it's not too intense for kids but it has a lot of fun airtime pops and is really fast paced making it lots of fun for everyone.
  7. This is a fantastic idea I completely agree. A nice balance really would be awesome. A major coaster every couple years at major parks would be an excellent idea while the smaller parks get rotation (please can Darien Lake take Green Lantern off our hands LMAO). EXACTLY, its ridiculous that these are the ticket prices, I mean we all complain when its too expensive but at least we can realize its too damn cheap! I paid more for a DAILY ticket at Busch Gardens, and although Busch Gardens is a FANTASTIC theme park, it is still not as large as Great Adventure, and it was shocking that I would pay more for a daily ticket at BGW than a season pass at GAdv. I think management figures okay if we are this cheap everyone will just have to come, but I really don't think that's what is happening.
  8. While I don't disagree with you at all, you're completely correct, my issue is Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair is obviously Six Flags' most direct competitor, and offers similar prices for their amusement parks and generates similar revenue, yet every year you see at least one of their parks getting something completely awesome (e.g. the Gigas they've been adding), and while I understand their business model is different (not every park gets a new ride like Six Flags), it would be nice if Six Flags did the rotation like Cedar Fair does, one STAR attraction to one park and small attractions every where else. While Jersey Devil is definitely a star attraction, this isn't usually the case with Six Flags and this seems to be the first year to me in a while they've even done something like that. Maxx Force and West Coast Racers, yeah they're cool but they are definitely not on the scale of say Orion for example.
  9. All I've noticed since Jim took over is Six Flags being considered less and less as a world class thrill theme park chain and more and more like a carbon copy chain of theme parks. It sucks that every single park seems to get the same exact thing year after year (ex. Crazanity/WW, Joker, Skyscreamer, the list really could go on forever). Like if your home park is Cedar Point, you may still want to visit other Cedar Fair parks, Kings Island, Carowinds, etc.... But like I literally don't have much desire to visit any other Six Flags park except Magic Mountain and Fiesta Texas... because I know the experience would be so similar why bother? So after my rant, I really hope that when Jim retires, the new CEO will bring Six Flags back to its glory days, and no I'm not saying add a massive coaster to each park every year and force a bankruptcy, I'm just saying that maybe each year everybody gets something really small and the parks rotate on two or three parks getting MASSIVE coasters or rides... so hopefully thats what 2021 will bring for Six Flags as a chain, as for Great Adventure like I said I think we all agree on a kids area, but who knows maybe the new CEO will go on the coattails of Jersey Devil and add another massive coaster (like El Toro a year after Kingda Ka).... and if that happens I'll be happy too! But a kids area is extremely necessary.
  10. I highly doubt that Seaport will be staying, but if it does maybe that just means they'll revamp it next year idk. But I am so excited for this ride, I wonder how loading will be. We will be able to pick our car?
  11. I think if we pull the Six Flags FUN approach and just constantly say we want a kids revamp we will get one!
  12. Six Flags FUN...... I'm so sorry I ever doubted you
  13. Hopefully there's no leaks... with all this hype I'm good with waiting til tomorrow when I wake up and just watching the 2020 video straight through! And on that note, I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna go with the minority here and agree that I would prefer a massive Steel Vengeance-esque YET ground up Goliath-esque I-BOX. That would really be legendary and monstrous and a hell of a lot of fun. And El Toro will still be a nice non-looping woodie while the I-Box would be a nice looping hybrid! It really would be neat to have two legendary coasters like that in the same park, it would be a big hit with enthusiasts. And also I'm with the capacity people, without a T-Rex how would a raptor perform? Probably not so good, but you know what? If we do get a raptor I'll still be happy, I'm just not so sure I'd wait an hour + for it, which would be implied with that type of capacity.
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