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  1. Jersey Devil already seemed to be really ahead in construction before all this, I'm sure they can do it before Fright Fest at least. I doubt 2021 would be the opening. But if it is then whatever.
  2. Hey, has anyone mentioned or know where Roadrunner Railway got relocated to?
  3. Just out of curiosity, that wide paved path (to the right of the Looney Tunes Seaport entrance and to the left of Congo Rapids; that was used for that Apocalypse walkthrough during FF), what did that used to lead too? Was it Koala Canyon?
  4. Hmm I must've not noticed. That's kinda dumb though. That makes a lot of sense, although I don't agree with that either. Fright Fest used to be much better. I will say though last year I got lucky and managed to get free maze passes from someone I know and the mazes have gotten better over the years for sure. But this year I didn't get that luxury, nor did I feel like paying for it, but at least that's something that's getting better.
  5. I went last night as well^ Lines were insane for a friday, and decorations of the park definitely seem lacking especially the fountain and main entrance area which usually has way more props. I did notice many more scare actors for the themed areas, I did not go on the trails though. And what's with Bone Butcher ? Why is there no sign for it like every year?
  6. Unfortunately the SeaWorld Entertainment parks really killed it this year, it may be tough to beat them. Kings Island's Giga doesn't actually look that impressive, so I'm gonna say if anything it's between SeaWorld's additions between all their affiliated parks, most likely the RMC Gwazi at BG Tampa..... however if the airtime on Jersey Devil is as crazy as we all assume, I think it may have a shot! We just gotta wait and see.....
  7. I almost always forgot those existed, the only times I'd even remember is during Fright Fest when I would do the apocalypse trail or whatever it was and walk past them and I'd be like "oh yeah these bathrooms" lmao. I'm sure they'll be kept for JD and if not then whatever.
  8. I highly doubt that Seaport will be staying, but if it does maybe that just means they'll revamp it next year idk. But I am so excited for this ride, I wonder how loading will be. We will be able to pick our car?
  9. Agree 100% the dispatches are ridiculous, and it really just never seems worth it, it's a fun ride and all but just not worth the long line it always has.
  10. I rarely have time to go to GA anymore, but I do try and go at least once a year. However when I used to have time to visit GA and would visit once or twice a week I would almost never ride Superman because the line was so long. It still is the case every time I visit now, even though its once a year, even on a slow day Superman has a decent line. I've lived in Jackson for 19 years now, and Superman has been open for 16 years now, and I can honestly say I've probably ridden it only 10 times. So my question for you guys is do you really ever ride Superman? Is it a go to
  11. Everything is a backrow for me...... ......except Kingda Ka and Green Lantern, both are too forceful in the back for enjoyment, Kingda Ka is a middle seater or front row for me, while Green Lantern I will only ride in the front row no exceptions, that ride is way too rough anywhere else.
  12. I used to go to Six Flags every weekend up until last year where I only went once during Fright Fest, and did not stay long. Last night was the one time I went as well and I am a bit surprised. For one thing the food got very expensive, more than I remember two years ago. I used to be able to pay 5 and change for Cold Stone now it's upwards of $7?! The Golden Kingdom sign is removed, and I get it the pathway no longer connects the two points, but now there it seems like there is random theming before walking into Frontier Adventures or Plaza Del Carnaval, Six Flags needs to reopen the pathway
  13. I'd be extremely surprised if Great Adventure didn't get a new thrill coaster for 2019, it's long overdue.
  14. Looks like they're getting two themed to Harley Quinn now, nice job Six Flags. But this ride does look cool, at least it's not a skywarp thank god.
  15. I agree with harry that the Log Flume needs to stay regardless, it's a classic. The Go Karts however are most likely gonna stay I don't see them removing them anytime soon, it's tucked away and putting something there would most likely be a waste of time.
  16. Six Flags needs to step up their game, our park has not gotten a unique roller coaster in years and being the highest revenue park I feel as if it deserves a bit more attention. Also with Cedar Fair killing it with their 2018 announcements so far, Six Flags as a whole needs to step up what they're offering and stop with the small copycat roller coasters and rides that are fun for one year and don't last. A high intensity-high capacity roller coaster is extremely overdue and although I highly doubt that is happening for 2018 maybe 2019 we will finally get that.
  17. The reason to complain about season pass prices is that lowering prices can (but not always) equals lower revenue, which equals crappier rides, which equals lower staff, which equals less rides open, which means GA gets left in the dust.
  18. I was in line for total darkness with my friends and I saw a mother bring her probably 3 year old child on.... the kid was crying and she was laughing. Like cmon parents.
  19. I went yesterday and I noticed a decent increase in scare zone ghouls. However what I also noticed is that decorations are lacking in areas that aren't scare zones, and I get it they aren't scare zones but still the park should be totally decorated. Also total darkness is scary in it's own right so even though I only counted 4 actors, I still was scared to death. I also went on the manor which has definetely improved, and the $35 front of the line scare pass is an amazing deal *which i got* and the offer ends today for whoever wants it. Crowd control however is horrific, considering all scare
  20. The only real thing we have against Hershey is park design. If any of you have ever been to Hershey you know the way the paths are designed are idiotic, the queues always block park traffic by spilling out and it's just not good.
  21. amen to this I'm praying for something thrilling but everytime I go to the park ever since I've been to Hershey and Dorney I just realize our park seems somewhat rundown compared to other parks.
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