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  1. erbeivore

    New 2016 Dining/Plan Features & Guide

    ^ The gold dining pass will still include the souvenir cup, but the price will go up. Does anybody know if substituting a meal for a snack will have the same time constraints? Like, if I want to substitute my dinner with a snack option, will I have to do it after 4:00?
  2. erbeivore

    Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom - NOW OPEN!

    I asked one of the employees while I was waiting and she confirmed that the state will not let them run together, so for every zumanjaro cycle, there are two ka cycles. When I ride ka, I saw the process clearly. They ran two trains (at the time, at least) and loaded and dispatched both of them to the launch, about which time Zumanjaro finished its cycle. I noticed almost no delay of the dispatching of Zumanjaro, and Ka's was minimal. They are certainly making the best of a bad situation. Also, I used the single rider line both times I rode Zumanjaro, but I think I actually would have been better off on standby. The single rider line is shorter, but only moves in increments of about 3-8 people, while standby is closer to 18 each cycle. If anybody uses the single rider line, I suggest watching the last person in the standby line, to see if they ride before you.