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  1. 9/21/17

    Looked like two people were on it. But I'm not positive, we were far away when it happened.
  2. 9/21/17

    I forgot to Mention. In my post. When we were entering the park, they had two sides of the Parachutes open, however one got stuck close to the top and was sitting idle up there for about a good 3-5 minutes. That may be why only one side was open later.
  3. Great Adventure September 21, 2017

    Yes one Ride, not a typo. My Nephew wasn't feeling too good, so that was the main reason. Dark Knight was out the doors to the outside attendant, Justice League was three rows past the 45 Minute Sign.
  4. Dutch Wonderland August 18, 2017

    Not Sure, didn't ride it. I have a Picture from when I was about 8 riding it with my father. I always thought it was at Great Adventure, Glad I now know where the picture was taken. They also have a Pin of it in the gift shop, and the shuttle moves on the pin. Harry, Does GA have any collector Pins, I look every time I go and can never find them. Wish they did one for the park and some of the major rides.
  5. Dutch Wonderland August 18, 2017

    As of Today 9/23, No. What's funny is, it is on the front of there brochure, on the maps and they have shirts and such in the gift shop. The Train Finally reopened Labor Day Weekend. Guess it will be a 2018 addition.
  6. Dutch Wonderland August 18, 2017

    Yes, the Puple and Light Blue are not eye pleasing. They added a On Ride Photo to the Sky Ride and The Boat at the Front, and there are 3 animals in the cave, that's it.
  7. Great Adventure September 21, 2017

    My Nephew was off from school today so we decided to take a ride to GA, what a mistake. It took us 64 Minutes to get from 537 Entrance to the Fountain, yes a car was stopped in the right lane, but that didn't back up traffic because as soon as you got around it, you still sat. My Nephew was so Miserable that we got our cups, went on Justice League Battle for Metropolis ( Awesome Ride by the way), then played in the arcade, he got Dippin Dots and we shopped and Left. A year since our last trip and nothing has Changed. I guess the budget couldn't afford a Lane Sweeper, A Power Washer, some Leaf Blowers, a ton of Paint, Concrete or Asphalt, Fencing or a Season Pass Entrance. The Old Country Path needs to be opened up, FreeFalls Area need to be cleaned up and there is too much space around, they need more rides. Also just get rid of The Log Flume and Congo Rapids and put a Nice Roller Coaster in that can be used April to November, why water rides would be closed in the summer is a joke, they should be open May 1 to September 30 unless it's too cold. I really wish a private investor would by the park so that could be the number one focus. I'm really glad I didn't renew my season pass for 2018, there are much cleaner parks I could spend next year at.
  8. Dutch Wonderland August 18, 2017

    On our way from Hershey to Lancaster we stopped at Dutch Wonderland and arrived at about Noon. The Parking Lot was Empty and so was the Park, it may have been due to the incoming Storms which arrived at 5:30, but talking to some People they said it's been getting worse over the years due to them eliminating Free Parking, dirty park and due to many rides being closed due to the Construction of Merlin's Mayhem. We walked right in and the only thing closed was The Train and obviously Merlin's Mayhem, we went straight to Joust Coaster with a Walk On, my nephew then went by himself with a Walk on, next was Kingdom Coaster which was a one train wait for the front(this was my nephew's 20th Coaster), next was Joust with a one cycle wait followed by the Double Splash Flume and Leapin Frogs. We then split a Lemonade and watched the end of the Dive Show. Next was the Monorail and Frog Hopper. We then took the Skyride to the front of the Park and did Dragons Lair. We then picked up some things in the gift shop and left. The Park is getting Cleaner, but not enough and Merlin's Mayhem which was supposed to open back in May has yet to Open, and due to this all you see is one big mess when you walk into the park.
  9. Hershey Park August 15, 16, 17 2017

    Were supposed to visit Hershey Park in Mid July, however my Mother had a Stroke and we put it off until she was better. We Arrived at The Hotel Hershey on Tuesday Afternoon and Checked in and had Lunch. At about 5:00 we took the Shuttle over to the Park and got in very quickly, we did The Kissis Drop Tower, The Hershey Kiss Tower, Frog Hopper x2, Trailblazer and Swing Thing, we Picked up Chick Filet to take back to the room and i crashed early since i had been up for over 24 hours. On Wednesday we took the shuttle over and arrived at about 11:30, we did Balloon Flite, Reeses Extreme Cup Challenge, Swing Thing and Mini Pirate, next we stopped in the arcade near Farenheit. We Played the DC Super Heroes Coin Game, can't believe GA doesn't have this. We then headed over to Wild Mouse, Ferris Wheel and Granny Bugs, I almost got my nephew on Laff Track. We then ate Lunch at The Smokehouse and watched a show. We headed back to the Hotel around 5:00 and decided to relax In the pools. On Thursday we took advantage of Early Sweet time and got into the park at 9am, we did Balloon Flite and then Comet, this my Nephew's Fastest and tallest ride to date, he now wants to try Wild Cat or Lightning Racer( this was also the fastest and Tallest for Me). We then did Tea Cups x3, Kisses Tower, Frog Hopper x2, Trailblazer x3(it was so empty, we only had to switch Rows), next was the Arcade followed by Dry Gulch Railroad, Swing Thing and some shopping. I took some stuff back to the hotel room and than we met up at Chocolate World, we did the ride and had some Lunch followed by some shopping. We then went back to the hotel to rest, freshen up and some Dinner at The Harvest. We then headed back to the Park at about 8:00 and did Balloon Flite, Swing Thing, Mini Pirate, Cocoa Cruiser, Monorail, more arcade, Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge and finished with Comet in the Dark(it was a little rougher at nite then in the AM) and Finally headed back to the hotel. My Nephew said he would have done the Reese's and Bar Towers if they had the seat belts attached to the Harness, surprised they don't. This is always a rough park for my nephew due to the hills, funny thing is, when you walk in the parking lot alongside the park, it's all level. On Friday we had Breakfast at the Circular and then checked out and headed to Lancaster.
  10. Justice League: Battle for Metropolis to Debut in 2017 at SFGA

    Wish they would let single rides use the flash pass entrance, and when they get to the station spilt into Flash Pass and Single Rider. Also wish they would have had Loading and unloading Separate and not together, also the station is very small compared to other Dark Rides.