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  1. I was in those shows though and have great memories of all 3 years. I found some pics of us on the show schedules. I am in contact with a few cast members still , some are still in show business!
  2. Oops! Made a mistake that's not me singing it's Diana... We looked a lot alike and I was a swing for that song. Still great memories
  3. Yes! That's is me singing in the top one and me with the cast in the middle one. The bottom one is from another cast although we did do Anerican Bandstand. Thanks! Great memories!
  4. Great picture! I am a former cast member (3 years!) of the shows at The Bandstand By the Lake 1981, 82 and 83. Anybody out there have photos from these shows? Hello Country, Rockin Country and American Bandstand would love to see some
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