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  1. I think this clown picture was used in some promotional something for Great Adventure. According to the title, it was taken in October 1985. Juggles the Clown (Peter Cincotta) is in the orange wig. Fritz is on the top (Greg Gillette); Steve Athern is below Fritz; and a fourth clown is below Juggles.

  2. Juggles the Clown (Peter Cincotta) and some of the Shirt Tale characters are having some fun in a construction area away from the guests. There are always opportunities for silly pictures when you a clown. This picture was taken during the 1983 season.

  3. This is Juggles the Clown (Peter Cincotta). He is wearing a yellow swatch watch. It matched his yellow juggling clubs. In this picture, Juggles is probably passing clubs with another clown because he is holding silver clubs. Clowning at Great Adventure was probably the most fun job in the world. It was our job to juggles and play with children (and adults) all day long.

  4. This year the clown and body puppet dressing area was in a room in a large building in an employee only area. It was sort of close to where the Parachute ride was--which (I think) was being build during the 1982 season. The clown and body puppet dressing was in a trailer in 1981 and still at a different location from 1983 to 1985.

  5. The clowns are Howard Walberg and Eli McGuiness. The first girl (next to Eli) is Laura Wood. Eli (Vokkos the clown) would always carry a broom and pretend to play a guitar with it. He would also twirl the broom.

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